Friday, September 6, 2013

Our Week

*We are still homeschooling, but I've decided to do a monthly summary instead of a weekly's too stressful to try to do it each week!

We had a fun week!

Mae is ticklish and has a sweet giggle. :)

Bo is doing great at riding his new bike (and still prefers to just wear his undies most of the time)!

Thursday Arabelle and Bo made some delicious stone stew. 

With a side of frog. Arabelle loves to 'train' frogs and they try to get away as fast as possible!

Mae faced outwards in the baby carrier for the first time and loved seeing all the action. I can't believe she's big enough already!

They love helping cook and I try to relax and let them do it (even if it takes forever and makes a huge mess). They made pigs in a blanket all by themselves for lunch one day (I put them in and took them out of the oven).

Arabelle gets really creative during 'rest' time. She set up all her books as a fence around the princesses and the little Lego man was grilling for them. Haha!

I have also figured out how to get Bo to nap. Just cuddle for about 10 minutes and he's out like a light. Of course, I have to say, "Bo, be still. Bo, close your eyes. Stop moving. Bo? Go to sleep. Get still.", but it works!

Looking forward to a beach week next week!!!

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