Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anderson's 4th Birthday Party!

Saturday, we went to Macon for Anderson's FOURTH Birthday Party! The party was Batman themed, so Arabelle wore her new Batman t-shirt.

It's always nice to see Jill's side of the family too. Anderson and Isaiah have a lot of cousins on Jill's side too, so there were a lot of little one's to take pictures of!
Birthday Boy!

I love this action shot!

I know what Anderson's been up to this week....playing with all his new Batman toys!

Isaiah is so photogenic! Always smiling!

It's Robin

Static head!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Goooooo Dawgs!

Bo loves to say "Gooooo Dawgs!". I put him in his UGA t-shirt the other day and he spent the whole day looking down at it and saying "Gooo Dawgs!". 

Here he is in action!

*Also, Happy Birthday to Connie and Anderson! We had lunch with Connie today and Arabelle couldn't get over the fact that he wasn't having a birthday party. We told her over and over that this was the birthday party, but she insisted it wasn't a party because there was no cake (although she had ice cream and a cookie). Tomorrow we're heading up to Macon for Anderson's Batman Birthday Party! We are so excited!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Play Time!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are our play days! Arabelle is home from 'school' and we just have fun!
This Tuesday, we went to the church playground to play. Arabelle thought that was the best idea! They both had a lot of fun on the swings and slide.

Snack time!

Arabelle took one of her rare naps on Tuesday!
Today was our usual Danny's Pizza lunch, so we took advantage of the warm weather and went to the park! 

Big boy!

She barely fits in the 'baby swing'.

Bo tries SO hard to keep up!

Love this pose from Bo! He's just hanging out.

Bo was driving the bus here.

This is funny too!

I wish you could HEAR the laughter I heard when I took this picture. :)

I am really loving our days together! Arabelle is just the funniest thing and Bo is turning into such a big boy instead of a baby. They are so fun and pleasant (for the most part!). I remember the spring and summer before Bo was born being so much fun with Arabelle. I think 18-24 months is my favorite time because they learn to talk a lot, still take a nap (but could get by with a short one if need be), and really enjoy the simple things (painting, bubbles, etc). Plus, spring and summer are my favorite times of the year!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bo is 18 months old!!!

18 months. A year and a half. It doesn't seem right! Bo is growing and changing so fast these days. Looking back at the last monthly update at 16 months, he has grown up so much!

  • You can say a lot of words now! You'll repeat mostly anything I ask you to say. If you don't want to, you shake your head 'no'. My favorite word for you to say is "Arabelle". It comes out like "Aaaaabbbbeeeelllleeeee!!!!" because you don't just say it, you yell it! You also like to play peek-a-boo. I love hearing you say "boo!".
  • You have really gotten an appetite the last few weeks. You're a lot less picky when it comes to food. When you wake up in the mornings, you like a bowl of raisins and your water. Then when Arabelle gets up later, we have breakfast. You eat a toasted waffle, cereal, or eggs and fruit. You LOVE grapes, strawberries, mandarin oranges, bananas, and apples. For lunch you eat either a Turkey hot dog, ham or turkey sandwich, or leftovers from supper, cheese, and fruit or veggies. You LOVE to dip carrots in ranch and eat the leftover ranch with your spoon. You also really like ketchup too. You have whatever we eat for supper. You really love roasted veggies (broccoli & honey carrots!). You and Arabelle are always asking for a snack, so you eat a snack mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bedtime. You always want yogurt ("yo-yo") then.
  • You are still nursing at bedtime. You love your "maulk". 
  • You are finally sleeping all night! Yay!!!! You go to bed around 7:30 and wake for the day around 7:00 (give or take 30 min. on both of those). Sometimes I hear you talking in your room at night, but you always go back to sleep. You take a nap around 1:00 in the afternoon and sleep about 1.5 hours. You sleep with your brown teddy bear and keep him tucked right under your arm. You finally started sleeping on your pillow too, which has helped the night sleep. 
  • We go to Toddler Story Time at the library every other Friday and go to the park in Douglas every so often. You love to run, climb, and play!
  • You and Arabelle have started playing together so good. It makes things a lot easier for me! Arabelle will ask you if you want to "go to school" and you'll nod your head "yes" and follow her where ever she says her school is. You both have SO much fun in the bath at night. Water is usually ALL OVER THE PLACE! I have started bathing y'all in my shower and shut the curtain. It keeps me and the bathroom a lot drier!
  • You have a funny little personality! You like to 'tickle' people, carry a spoon around (and sleep with it!), love to brush teeth (when it's time you run to the bathroom clapping and saying "yayayayayay!!!!"), you still love all shoes, wearing hats/jacket hoods, and when I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider". You are FINALLY giving me kisses too! I love it!

Shoes, toothbrush, jacket with hood