Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was a whirlwind with 4 kids! We did our daily Advent devotions and counted down until Christmas.

We started on the 23rd by letting them open their gifts from Nancy, which they loved!

I guess last year Mae was too little to really get into the anticipation and opening gifts, but she was all about it this year!

 She loves her bathtub fishing toy!

Bo is pumped about making a mega big crazy fort in the playroom at the new house next month!

Zeke pretty much tried to eat all the paper. Ha!

Her face says it all!

She's a pro by this point.

Bo opened Zeke's second gift because Zeke was 'being too slow!!!'. Ha!

We spent a little time on the front porch on Thursday morning. Mae sang Jingle Bells about a hundred times. Here's a video of her singing.  

Christmas Eve was spent at Sambo and LeLe's house. We had a great low country boil and yummy desserts! 

 Zeke enjoyed lots of Papa's attention.

Mae always ends up barely dressed. Oops!

Bo is 100% hooked on Legos, so when he opened a Lego fire set from Papa, he was pretty excited!

Zeke enjoyed this present for a good 10 minutes. :)


Mae loves this little Santa! She asked me to take her picture by it and kept hugging him. Ha! And yes, I wore flip flops on Christmas was hot!

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing with all the new things!

We let the kids open a gift from us before bed. They were just a little excited. 

We went youngest to oldest, but Zeke wasn't really interested in opening his.

I love how excited Arabelle was for Mae!

And their faces here! Minnie Mouse shirt and necklace.

Bo got a Lego Ideas book.

Art supplies for Arabelle



The little ones went to bed early and Arabelle and Bo followed soon after. They were excited, but crashed quickly so Santa could go ahead and come. 

This was too long, so I'll have to split it into parts. :)

*And I'm too tired to proof read, so....