Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Zeke is 12 months old!

Zeke's first year flew by to me! He has grown and changed so much in the last couple of months!

  • Zeke is still on the same routine as last month, except he's waking a little earlier in the mornings. He is pretty much sleeping all night, but occasionally he will wake up and have trouble going back down. He is waking up around 6:30....sometimes 6 and sometimes 7. Nap #1 is around 8:30-9 for 1.5 hours and nap #2 is around 1:30-2 for 1.5 hours. Bedtime is by 8. I am hoping that he can keep the two naps through the summer to keep the later bedtime. 

  •  Zeke finally has a tooth! Just one and it is about half way in. The other bottom one is almost through and his upper gums are swollen, so I think he will get a mouth full of teeth in the next few months. 
  • He is still a great eater. He has 3 meals and two snacks a day. His favorite foods are blueberries, cheese, yogurt and any kind of treat. Anytime he sees anyone eating, he will constantly 'ask' for food by whining and pointing.
  • Zeke is a pro at picking his own blueberries now. Here's a video.

  • He is still nursing in the mornings, after the 2nd nap, and bedtime. 

Zeke had plenty of opportunities to eat birthday cake!

He loved playing with all his birthday cards:

The big kids were excited about his birthday. He had his first powdered donut for breakfast that day. :)

And he had a brownie for a snack:

All the kids at one year old:

Zeke one through twelve months:

Happy Birthday Zeke! 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mini Moments

I am trying to catch up here before we take a little beach trip next week!

One day I decided to pack a picnic lunch before picking Mae up from pre-school. It's easier to take a lunch somewhere than bring them back and have them eat in the kitchen!

It was really nice until Mae wet her pants. Ahhh, toddlers.

Zeke loves playing in the dirt. He is ready for the beach!

Drawing her Mother's Day cards. Mae said "Moma Lubbb is BLUE!!!"

The day after Bo's graduation Mae had her class party at the jumpy place in town, so the big kids went home with Papaw and Mamaw after graduation. The little kids and I had fun that next day!

Here's a couple of videos of Mae at the jumpy party:

We played in a box:

And took a walk:

Big Kids:

We had field day with our homeschool group recently at the state park. They had a great time playing the games and enjoying their friends!

One of the games was a water relay, where you soak the sponge at the front of the line, pass it back, and squeeze the water out at the back of the line. The first to fill the container wins. Here's Arabelle and Bo's team in action.  Here's Mae and Arabelle in the egg on spoon race.

We've been enjoying a little more free time on our school break.

Dinosaur village:

One morning the big kids went out and picked some blueberries and brought them in for me to make muffins. Mae was a good helper!

Then they made a zoo while Zeke was napping. He destroyed it when he got up.....that didn't go over very well.

Mamas and their babies:

I had to wake Zeke up one afternoon to go to swim practice and he looked too sweet not to take a picture! Here's a video of him trying to wake up. He was a little surprised to see me standing there when he opened his eyes. :)

We don't do kid baths every night, but Mae earned hers this one!

Arabelle finally finished her 500 piece puzzle!

Pool and sprinkler fun:

The kids enjoyed giving Spot his first bath:

And Zeke liked the puddles it made:

Climbing Mae (video):

Zeke has learned to pick his own blueberries and is a pro!

We are bust celebrating birthdays this week, so lots of pictures to come!