Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bo is 6 years old!!

I can't believe Bo is SIX years old!! We have been counting down the days until his birthday for a long while now, so he was pretty excited. :)

On Friday, the day before his birthday, we celebrated with a pizza lunch (his choice). He was just a *little* excited. 

Four kids at a busy restaurant on Friday at lunch....whew!

Arabelle helped me pick out this Hot Wheels set for him. He was pumped! Here's Bo opening his gift.

Silly Mae. This was after she licked the top of the parmesan cheese shaker.

Bo wanted a plain white cake so he could decorate it with Hot Wheels. :)

I love how excited everyone gets for a family member's birthday.

Here's a bonus video of Mae and Zeke just being cute and eating cake.

Bo loved all the cards he received in the mail!

Here he is going to bed as a 5 year old for the last time!!

Yes, he sleeps in clothes instead of PJs (Mae does sometimes too). It's a battle I don't fight and I don't have to make him get dressed in the mornings, so it works out. Ha! 

I guess he was SO excited about his birthday that he couldn't sleep. He came down to our room at 4:30 am to say he couldn't sleep. He laid with us a few minutes and went back up stairs. At 5:00, I heard him over the baby monitor talking to Zeke and Zeke was squealing back. Ughhhhh!!! I went up and he had his closet light on and the closet door open and was giving Zeke toys. I sent Bo down to my bed and tried to get Zeke back to sleep, but wasn't successful. I'll be honest....I was MAD!! I gave up at 5:45 and took Zeke down and we started making the birthday pancakes. 

I always make the birthday kid a pancake in the shape of their birthday number. He was excited to get a "6" pancake. 

We left the house at 7:30 to meet Mamaw so she could take Zeke and the rest of us went to Wild Adventures! Mae has never been to a theme park and the big kids haven't been since last August, so everyone was excited!! I spent the ride trying to not be a tired grump and getting myself into a better mood. :-p

Bo always with the silly faces.....

The first ride! It was a little one that Arabelle was too tall to ride and Bo was BORED. Ha! Mae was unsure, but then LOVED all the little rides so much. She rode this one at least 5 times. Here's the video. 

My ride buddy. I loved it!

We all rode a small roller coaster and Mae DID NOT like it at all! Arabelle and Bo loved it and rode it several more times that day.

Mae and I went down the big pink slide together, then Arabelle and Bo went together. They were supposed to wait for a thumbs up to slide, then race down, but Bo went first. Arabelle wasn't happy. Ha! Here's their video. 
Queen of the train! She rode it a lot too. Here is a video of Mae on the train.

Bumper cars for the big kids and daddy! Here is a video of the ride.

Free ice cream sandwich!!

This ride was so funny to watch. I remembered riding it with Bo the summer he turned 2 and he didn't like it AT ALL. He LOVED it this time! Here is a video of the ride.  He rode it three times in a row!

Back in August 2012! 

He was so excited all day!! We split up some and Jared took the big kids on roller coasters and I took Mae to the little climbing play area and on some of her smaller rides, so I don't have any pictures of them on the BIG rides.

This was after Arabelle rode the biggest ride they have and nearly got sick. Oops!

Big roller coaster with Daddy!

After the rides, we went to water slides. It was pretty crowded, but the kids had a blast! We spent a couple hours on water slides, the lazy river, and the wave pool, then had some ice cream and rode a few more rides before heading out to the car.

Mae got some cool new sunglasses, which she ALWAYS wears upside down.

We go home at 6:30 and were wiped out!!

Mamaw and Papaw brought Zeke home a little later and we were all asleep by 9:00.

One of the first times holding Bo and now:

We loved celebrating our newly SIX year old Bo! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Mini Moments

I'm going back to the beginning of August to catch y'all up on what we've been doing.

We changed the date of our trip to Lindsey's so Arabelle could go to her swim team party and receive a special award. Well, they changed the party date 45 minutes before it was supposed to begin due to rain. It was sad for both of us! I felt awful for Arabelle. Our sweet babysitter was already nearly at our house to keep the others, so we got out for ice cream and met her coaches to pick up her trophy. 

Arabelle received the "Coach's Award". She was thrilled!

After our trip, Bo needed a haircut. He wanted to be bald, but agreed to get it buzzed with a #1 guard on. He was looking at himself in the mirror and grinning like it was Christmas morning. Ha!

I went ahead and had Zeke's head buzzed to a #3 while we were there and I'll be able to take them together for haircuts.

Zeke looks SO much like Bo 2 cute boys!

I can't even remember how we managed some one-on-one time one day, but we did and it was fun. :)

Arabelle was so interested in the Olympics this year, especially swimming, gymnastics, and track & field.

We've been spending a lot of time outside when it's not too terribly hot. Zeke has been getting a lot of sink baths in the laundry room. ;)

Back to school! I have them doing writing and grammar together. It's Arabelle's favorite (um, not Bo's).

Jared had some dirt delivered to fill in some places and it was so fun to the kids! One day Zeke had 3 baths.

Mae fell on her face and didn't like it at all....

But Zeke kept putting his open mouth right to the dirt. Building some good antibodies, I guess!