Friday, March 27, 2015

Georgia Agrirama Field Trip

I have been so excited about this field trip! Apparently the Agrirama is now called the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Villiage, but I think everyone around still calls it the Agrirama. 

I went back and forth on whether or not to take Bo and Mae and decided to send them to pre-school, like usual and let them take a lunch and nap/rest there. I am SO glad I wasn't chasing Mae all over that place! Phew! Bo actually had his class Easter party this morning, so he was okay with the plan.

Arabelle was really excited about the trip. On the way, she asked me what the dress I wore on my 5th grade field trip looked like and said she hoped she got the same one I wore. ha!

It was a special Homeschool day, so our group of 30 or so students plus probably 10 other homeschool families from the area had the place to ourselves, which was really nice.

We got there at 9, checked in, paid, and got the kids into their costumes for the time period (late 1800s). She LOVED this long skirt and pretty much pranced around all fun to watch!

 I guess this is her new pose....she does it for all the pictures! First we toured the printing press, which was really interesting and probably my favorite part of the day.

Printing press in action:

Next we went to one of the houses for the cooking lesson, but the lady was really disappointing. She pretty much made some sweet bread pancakes on the cook stove and that was that. The sweet bread was good though!

Cook stove: 

We went to the grist mill next, which Arabelle really enjoyed too.

We were a few minutes ahead of schedule and went to the Dr. office a few minutes before that session began. Arabelle enjoyed pumping some water!

Really glad I don't have to give birth on THIS table! Haha!

Grinding some herbs:

Making rope at the Feed and Seed store:

They had several games set up, so Arabelle and a friend joined in on the 3 legged race. She loved it and the two little boys they were racing against kept falling down, so they won it easily. ;)

We walked through the museum just before having our picnic lunch. Arabelle was carrying the camera and when she saw the pottery room, she said, "Oh, Leigh Leigh will want to see this!!!" and took a ton of pictures. 

Then we got to the quilt room and she said, "Oh, Aunt Kay would LOVE this!" and took a bunch more pictures. :)

We had lunch, then went to the candle making.

And stopped in the school house before heading back to pick up Bo and Mae.

It was so much fun and I was SO glad to have some one on one time with Arabelle! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easter Activities!

The Easter activities have started! We had our annual Easter celebration at church this past Wednesday, so we dyed the eggs for it on Tuesday morning. I set up everything on the back porch because, hello, 6 hands, cups of liquid egg dye, boiled eggs.....

The kids were SO EXCITED!!! I was just glad it was done. Ha! They made some really pretty eggs!

Arabelle had done 'clown faces' on herself and Bo a little earlier. Ha!

And I'm glad we don't have to do that again for a year! :p

They kids were really excited about the activities at church Wed. too! Arabelle had practiced with Mae, so she would know how to hunt eggs. :)

Arabelle and her friend Harleigh loved the egg toss game!

 And today Mae had her Easter party at school. It wasn't her usual day, but she was glad to go for some fun! They made these cute t-shirts for the kids....I'm glad someone is crafty!

The big kids and I stopped at the bakery on the way to get them a snack to eat while Mae was eating. It took Bo forever to eat this baseball cookie. :)

She was thrilled to find this soccer ball egg!

 Even after all the eggs were picked up, she was running around like crazy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Splashing

Warmer weather + rain = lots of splashing!

Mae found this tiny puddle, but jumped with all her might!

Arabelle requested I video her 'bike show' of them riding through the puddles. I can't get very many good pictures of them in the puddles because they move too fast! 

The next day, all the puddles were gone except this one mud puddle out the back and it smelled awful. blah!

Have I mentioned we are glad it's springtime? ;)

Monday, March 23, 2015


We are all so excited that SPRING is here! We have been loving the warm weather and the extra daylight at the end of the day (plus Bo sleeps later in the mornings now)!

I actually took my camera outside one day.

Cheering for Bo:

Mae saw Arabelle put her hands on her hips and did the same. haha!