Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mini Moments

I'm so behind....AGAIN! Things have been a little crazy. Last weekend, I had an awful cold and non stop coughing, then woke up on Sunday morning with mastitis. Thanks to Mamaw, Papaw, and Sambo, the kids had a fun day and I rested a lot and then our awesome baby sitter helped me on Monday and Tuesday (note to self, do not try to have 4 kids alone when you're still sick....Monday evening was ROUGH!). 

We have been doing school between packing here and there. Hopefully the move is later this week!

Here's a little of what we've been up to:

Bo likes to help with laundry and shut himself in the dryer. I think I have a picture of him in there as a young toddler. 

Mae likes to wear 'footie PJs' like Zeke. :)

Zeke's hair is pretty fun after a bath. This reminds me of a hairstyle of Aunt Dawn's that's on the wall at Grandpa and Grandma's. Haha!

Two Wednesdays ago, the kids came home with these mugs that said 'Jesus Love' and each had their name. The girls had colored their's and drawn flowers, etc. Bo simply corrected the statement and wrote "Jesus Loves Everyone". Cracked me up!

Some mornings I get on up and put supper in the crock pot early, before the kids are all going. One morning Mae was peeling an onion before 7am. Thought that was funny and she did a good job!

I drove Mae to preschool one day when Jared had to work out of town, so we obviously HAD to go early and have a doughnut for breakfast. :)

One night we were popping popcorn on the stove and Mae realized she could see herself in the reflection on the pot. She was making the funniest faces at herself!

Dirt mountain beside the new house!

Monday afternoon, I went about 6 hours without a fever, so I assumed I was better, then Monday night it spiked again and I was left with no child care help on Tue morning. Fortunately, Mae's preschool allowed her to stay that day, even though it wasn't her usual day. She just HAD to help me eat a few Cherrios before she left. Another hint....if a man shows up at preschool with a baby and toddler and asks them to PLEASE take the toddler, they will. :)

Arabelle and Bo were SO helpful on Tuesday! My goal was to stay in bed and rest (I'm bad at that) the entire time that Zeke napped, so they took turns reading to me while the other did chores. Arabelle cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom and Bo used Mae's shopping cart to collect all the dirty clothes and started a load for me (with lots of verbal instructions). Arabelle also folded some clothes and Bo helped change the sheets later.

I also remembered for some math!

One day Zeke took a really long nap and I had to wake him up. He was so sweet looking that I had to get a picture. :)

I was better enough by Wednesday to go to the store for groceries because we were LOW on everything. I rarely take all 4, especially at lunch time, but it had to be done. They did really well, except I caught Mae eating the grapes out of the bags. She just said, "But I hungry!". Ha! Never mind that I had packed her a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich that she had in the car with her milk before shopping.


Thursday was a rainy day, so we did an umbrella craft.

Then we had to have a picnic lunch on the floor because......

The nomads had taken over the dining room:

We got out that afternoon to enjoy the puddles one last time before we move. Mae can finally pedal her tricycle! Here's a short video.

 Bo really enjoyed riding his bike through the puddles this time. Here's a few videos of them in action:
#2, Bo is always crashing his bike into stuff. I wish I had a video of him hitting the neighbor's trash can because we all saw in coming and it still happened.
#3 Arabelle loves riding through the puddles too

Arabelle also made a video of me jumping in the puddles and she narrated, but I'm saving myself the embarrassment.

Now it's boxes and packing for the week! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mini Moments

We've been having fun and trying to pack up along the way. Hopefully we are moving next week!

One cold day, Bo hopped in the bathtub for some Lego play. He stayed in until the water was too cold! 

Arabelle is still enjoying basketball. Here she is on the right at basketball practice.

Keeping an eye on the other 3 gets pretty interesting.....

We made 'snow' one Saturday afternoon. White hair conditioner and baking soda mixed together and voila!

We were at the new house one Saturday afternoon and Arabelle wanted to make a fire, so she started turning a stick on a log, trying to start a fire. She finally said, "I wish we had a match" ha!

I made pancakes one Sunday morning and Mae claimed that Papaw had made them. Thanks Mae! :)

Last Monday, I went a little crazy and took the kids to Fireside pizza for lunch by myself. They did AMAZING!! Kids eat free with an adult pizza, so I got Jared one and dropped it at his office and we ate for pretty cheap.

Zeke is ALWAYS crawling under the table.

Happy boy!!

Bo likes to have his Lego minifigures helping with his reading.

Mae wore this cute puffy vest last week. Aunt Dawn gave this outfit to Arabelle when she was 2.....seems like yesterday!

And Mae climbed a tree for the first time!

And practiced her basketball skills that day. Her form is spot on!

Zeke's expression here is hilarious!

I've been having fun with Zeke's hair after his baths lately. Ha! 

Mae wanted in on the fun too. She looks so big here!

No nap Mae is not a fun Mae. Phew....2 year olds!

Saturday was SO cold, so we spent a lot of lazy snuggles on the couch.

Mae fell asleep in the car on the way home from church Sunday, so I laid her on our bed to finish her nap. I love her sweet little face!

Monday we went to Valdosta for the Compassion Experience. It was an eye opening event!  Here's the kids with our baby sitter, Lysa. She is a senior this year and we will miss her so much when she goes to college next year!

Silly girl!

Zeke! Ha!

The kids flipped out when they saw watermelon slices at Harvey's. They were packaged 3 slices for about $0.75, so we got 2 packs and they ate them all for lunch. Zeke really enjoyed it!

Fresh blueberries were also on sale, so we got some and Zeke really went after them as well. His Papaw and Sambo will be busy this spring and summer keeping these little kids full of their fruit!

 Playing with their friend Reed this afternoon on the neighborhood 'stump'. Mae thought she was so big up there!

 Zeke has mastered the skill of sweeping his food off the tray. I totally forgot about this stage.

One more silly hair style. He loves to look at himself in the mirror! :)

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