Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mae is 11 months old!!

Our baby girl is almost a year old! Mae was 11 months old on Easter Sunday!

  • Mae is still on the same predictable schedule as last month. She wakes around 6:30, naps around 9 for 1.5 h, then again around 1:30 for 1.5 h, and goes to bed at 7-7:30. 
  • Our biggest change is that she SLEEPS ALL NIGHT!!! At the beginning of the month she was still waking and crying some, but she has only woken a handful of times in the last month to whine/cry. It's been amazing!
  • I'm dropping her mid-morning nursing session this month, so she's going down to 3 feeds/day. 
  • She continues to be a great eater. She will eat nearly anything. Favorites are cheese, grapes, blueberries, bananas, spaghetti squash with cheese, beans, chicken, yogurt, and much more! She has 3 meals and one snack right now. When she drops the mid-morning nursing, we will add a snack. 

  • Mae walks all the time now and tries to RUN to keep up with Arabelle and Bo. She's getting fast!
  • Mae cut her bottom 2 teeth a couple of weeks ago and they are coming on in. I think she's working on her top ones now, considering she's been doing some biting. 

  •  Mae has several new words: Bo, Drake, and thank you. Despite saying only a few words, she understands a bunch and can follow simple directions, like "get the ball", etc. 
  • Here she is saying Bo's name:

  •  She can still wear her 9 mo. onesies, but the pants are too short. She's in mostly 12 mo. stuff, which works because all of Arabelle's Spring/Summer clothes are 12 mo (even though she was only 8 mo. this time of year!)

  • She is such a loving girl! She will give hugs and kisses most of the time we ask and she will go up to Bo when he's having a whining moment (um, those happen a lot) and pat his back and lay her head on his shoulder. He hates it, but I love it! Haha! 
  • Mae loves music! 

  • She loves to put things, like balls or plastic easter eggs, into buckets. She also LOVES Drake. 

  • I'm afraid Mae's going to be a climber. I know......She likes to go in A & B's room and climb up on Bo's bed. I'm trying to teach her how to get down. She also loves stairs and we're working on getting down those too. 

Happy 11 mo. baby Mae!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring Art

I printed a paper with lines and circles on top, so basically a template for Spring flowers. The 'instructions' were to create a Spring flower painting. 

Here's what Bo created. Ha! 

He did have fun and that was the point anyway. 

Arabelle took it a bit more seriously. 

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of the final product. Oops.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bo's School Egg Hunt

Bo had his Easter Egg Hunt last week with his pre-school class. We hosted an egg hunt at our house the day before for the homeschool kids, so we had a busy week with parties and egg hunting!

On the way to the party, we got caught up in the police chase for the bank robber, which may have been the highlight of the morning for Arabelle and Bo. Bo was sure that Spider-Man would help the police catch the guy.

They made matching Easter shirts for all the kids. Bo and his best buddy Kyle are in the middle there comparing their shirts. :)

Bo's class: 
Snack time!

They are always so sweet to fix Arabelle a plate too. :)

Best friends!

We ran in to Harvey's before going home and Arabelle and Bo were really happy to get the race car buggy.

*Mae was at home with the babysitter, that's why there's no pictures of her. :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Fun!

We have been loving the Spring weather (well, except for the last few days of rain and cool weather!). One day last week, we took a walk after lunch and before naps/rest. Bo decided he'd cut the grass on the walk....

Mae looks so big now in the stroller with her shoes on!

Arabelle has started t-ball practice too.

Bo and Tripp had their own fun while the girls' were practicing. 

So happy to be spending lots of time outside! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a great day celebrating Christ's resurrection! 

Last year, I didn't get a family picture, so I really wanted to try this year (try being the key word there....I don't have much optimism with 3 little kids). ;)

Arabelle got the new Disney movie, Frozen, in her Easter basket and she was so excited!

Mae was pumped too. :)
 It was such a cold Easter morning!

We got a family picture!! Obviously, Jared and I didn't think about our colors....we totally clashed. Oops.

And just for fun, some of the outtakes. 

We were so glad the sun came out and it warmed up for the afternoon!

Easter 2013
Easter 2012
Easter 2011

Saturday, April 19, 2014

UGA Spring Game

Last weekend, we all loaded up and went to Athens for the spring football game.

I was undecided on going, until Arabelle had me write mine and Jared's name on a paper. She wrote her's, Bo's, and Mae's down, then told me that it was the sign up sheet for the game and we were all going. Pretty smart way to convince Mae and me to go. :)

We left at 8:00 and Mae was ready for a nap pretty soon after.

We were all SO glad to finally get there! I had packed a picnic lunch, so we found a grassy area near the parking garage and had a quick picnic before the 1:00 game.

It was hot and sunny, but we found a perfect spot in the shade!

Poor Jared.....Bo drove his little red truck all over him while he tried to watch the game.
 I think the kids were most excited about the game food. They wanted cotton candy, but they weren't selling it that day. Bo (and Mama) got Dippin' Dots and Arabelle got a frozen pink lemonade.
 We all made it part way through the 3rd quarter before the kids and I had to get out and find some where to play. I think Mae was relieved:

We also found a coffee shop inside one of the buildings and they had giant cookies, buy 1 get 1 free. Giant cookies make happy kids!

Bo was asleep minutes after getting in the car.

 And Mae was exhausted, but not giving in.

We stopped for supper in Milledgeville and got home just before 9. It was a LONG day, but a fun one! 

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