Saturday, November 22, 2014

16 weeks and it's a boy!

Ahhh, the Dr. appointment we've been so excited about! Wednesday, at my 16 week appointment, Dr. G did his freebie ultrasound and showed us if we were having a boy or a girl. Most OB offices have an ultrasound tech do all their ultrasounds and find out gender at the 20 week appt, so it's really nice to have the Dr do them and that he does this free sneak peek a month earlier than most people get them!

Here's a few pictures of our baby BOY!!! I'll try to explain them in case you can't tell what is what.

This is a profile picture with the head on the right of your screen.

This is the baby's face looking up with the hand right beside it's face. That dark circle on the head is the eye.

Close up of the baby's profile. I love that I can already see his nose and lips!

This is your money shot. It's not the best view we got, but pretty obvious there. You're looking at the baby's bottom from the underside (sorry baby!).

Alien baby's facing looking up. I have one of Bo like this and they already favor. Ha!

Pregnancy highlights:

  • How far along: 16 weeks 3 days today. 
  • Size of the baby: About 4.5 inches long and the size of an avocado
  • Total weight gain: Back up to the positive side! +4 lbs. 
  • Maternity clothes: Yes, when I put on regular clothes, which isn't very often! I live in stretch fleece or cotton pants at home. Regular shirts for now. 
  • Gender: BOY!!! So excited that we get to have two girls and two boys! I couldn't have planned it any better! We ended up taking all the kids with us to the appointment because Mae and Bo were sick and couldn't go to pre-school. It was a zoo in that tiny room. Dr G measured the heart rate first, then started looking for the gender. I saw it immediately and said, "It's a boy!!!". He confirmed I was right and we were all so excited! Bo said, "I was right!" pretty quickly. Arabelle didn't say much, but was grinning. 
  • Sleep: I had a good 7-10 days of sleep between colds. Back to coughing and sleeping sitting up because I'm too stuffed up to lay flat. :(
  • What I miss: energy, enjoying food and water.
  • Cravings: Not hating food quite as much as I had been. Not really craving anything though. 
  • Symptoms: Nausea is fading away!!!! I have to eat pretty quickly in the morning and take the Zofran and keep snacking all day to keep it at bay. It gets worse in the evenings no matter what. 
Overall, feeling a bit better than 2 weeks ago and hoping to be feeling 100% in a couple more weeks! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

14 weeks....second trimester!!!

Finally, second trimester!!! The first trimester always creeps by and the last one goes by too fast. Ha!

Trying to get back to blogging regularly.....

Pregnancy highlights:

  • How far along: 14 weeks 4 days
  • Size of the baby: About the size of a lemon or 3.5 inches long
  • Total weight gain/loss: I was down 2 lbs at the last appointment 2 weeks ago, so probably back to starting weight by my next appointment.
  • Maternity clothes: I've stopped wearing my slimmer fitting jeans because I don't want to stretch them out. Some regular clothes fit and I've pulled out one pair of maternity jeans. 
  • Gender: finding out on the 19th! I'm guessing boy, along with Bo. Arabelle wants a girl. :)
  • Movement: I've felt a few little flutters, but nothing consistent. 
  • Sleep: not very good...crazy dreams, congestion, and coughing is not a great combination.
  • What I miss: enjoying food, energy, feeling like a normal human being, being active with the kids, etc. 
  • Cravings: I hate food.
  • Symptoms: Still nauseated nearly all the time, but not throwing up nearly as much. Haven't tried weaning off the Zofran though. Feeling awful in the evenings still. Exhausted all the time. Basically Jared is a saint for dealing with me....
Well, that was all pretty negative, I guess. Ha! I just hate this part of the pregnancy, but I'm super excited about this little baby!!! I'm really looking forward to finding out boy/girl and to start feeling better. 

Getting a little bit of a baby bump....

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall Fun

Well, I'm way behind on pictures, so here's the photo dump of our Fall fun!

Bo's preschool class had a field trip to the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. They took a long hayride (seriously, 20 minutes with a bunch of 3-4 year olds!), walked through the corn maze, played on the playground, and had a snack. Bo wasn't very impressed with the hayride or the corn maze.....

We got there a few minutes before Bo's class did and Arabelle had to show off all the pumpkins. Ha!

They did love playing in the corn bin!

This was as good as it got on a picture of them together (Mae was at preschool this morning).

The preschool also had a costume day and Fall party day. Bo dressed as Captain America, of course. 

Mae was still in PJs and finishing breakfast, but wanted in on Bo's picture.

She just wore her shirt that said "I love my mummy".

And here's a bunch of pictures from my phone: 

She loves getting her little paws on Arabelle's glasses.

Doing "circus tricks"

Green pumpkins. Ha!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Church Fall Festival

Saturday was the church fall festival. The kids had a great time and loved dressing up!

We had a cheerleader, a mermaid, and a cowboy. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby #4 Twelve Weeks

Arabelle and I went to the Dr today to check on the baby! He/she measured 12 weeks even and he adjusted the due date to 5/6/15. I think the 10th is about right, so I'm sure it will be a few days after that. 
Still sick, but some days aren't quite as awful. And some are still really awful. Hoping to come out of it soon though! I'm ready to feel like myself again and I'm sure the rest of the family feels the same way.
Here's a close up of the baby, which measured right at 2 inches long. The head is on the right (profile shot) with a hand up above the face.
We plan to find out the gender at the next appointment in 4 weeks!

Monday, October 13, 2014


We're alive....just barely on some days. I just remembered I can blog from my phone so here are a few pictures. :)
I'm 10 weeks now, so hopefully just another month of feeling awful, then I can get caught up on here. I still have to blog about Arabelle's birthday!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Baby #4!

Here we go again! Baby #4 is due 5/11/15!

Remember when we went to Disney World for Arabelle and Bo's birthday? Well, we had discovered the big surprise that morning, so it was quite the 'magical' day in addition to the Disney fun. 

My first thought was to calculate how long I had until I started being sick (about 12-15 days). I decided right then that I would be EATING ALL THE FOOD I wanted until I was sick. Ha! 

We didn't tell anyone for several weeks (well, I told Mae...ha!), then told Arabelle and Bo after their beach trip with Papaw and Mamaw. Arabelle was SO excited and Bo seemed excited too, but pretty quickly asked if it was going to be a boy. :)

The sickness started Sept. 7th and got bad pretty quickly from there. Imagine being nauseated and on the verge of puking (and actually puking) 24/7 and hating all food/drink. I've tried all the 'morning sickness' tips three times now and nothing works. Zofran doesn't make a difference. Phenergan helps, but also knocks me out, so I can only use it in the evenings and when I know I can sleep 12 hours before being alone with the kids. So you can pretty much assume I feel awful now until November. Super happy about the baby, but just feeling awful. 

That said, three times now we've had 9.5 lb babies, so I'm certain he/she is thriving in there and will end up being another big one. :)

The first Dr appt was on 9/23 and the baby looked great! He/she measured 7 weeks and 2 days and had a heart rate of 160. I can't believe we'll be welcoming another baby in just a few months (and yes, we'll find out the gender this time)!!!!!

Before we left Orlando, we stopped in the Carter's outlet to get Mae a Big Sister shirt and we had a little photoshoot while the big kids were at the beach!

Next appointment is 10/22. Arabelle is so excited to go with me to that appointment and see the baby!  

You can see our announcement for baby #3 (Mae!) here. 

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