Friday, October 9, 2015

Mini Moments

We have been enjoying the cooler weather and spending a lot of time outside. We've started doing Thursday morning school outside, while Zeke naps. It has worked out really well! I put a blanket out and the big kids take turns coming over for a lesson and actually have ZERO complaints, which is a little different from some of our inside days. ;)

Arabelle has piano on Tue afternoons and Mae missed her nap before piano, so she crashed on the way and slept in the car while Arabelle had lessons. She looks so tall!

Zeke practiced his driving skills while we waited.

Of course, we've been at the 'new house' a lot.

And Zeke is just a mostly happy babe!

Outside school

Picking up pecans. Mae was singing "Happy Birthday to Mama!!!". Ha!

Nothing excessive, just changing Mickey's diaper.

Zeke's first time in the swing outside.

He was confused.


Morning walk

Thursdays are our homeschool park days. The kids LOVE it!

Matching shirts was Mae's idea this time.

Caught Zeke sitting up like a big boy in his bouncy seat.

House is coming along...

Evening nap fighter, which leads to an EARLY bedtime (6:30).

Just feeding her 'baby' while I feed mine.

Arabelle reading the Harvey's sale paper while Mae tries to start her nap on the kitchen floor.

We had a pizza picnic on Tuesday for supper at the new house. It was fun!

Mae took a good nap on Wednesday, but was still tired when we went out to play. Tough life.

Trying on Mama's shoes.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jesus Loves Me

Mae is always walking around the house singing and it's usually "Jesus Loves Me". She sings it at preschool 3 days a week and in Sunday School, so it's a popular song.

I just love her little voice!

She was singing our Books of the Bible song too. So far the big kids know the Old Testament books and Mae knows most of them too. She LOVES to say "Deuteronomy" and "Malachi!!!!!", so you'll hear that on repeat in this one. 

She was washing her hands in this video and just started singing, so I grabbed my phone. She also likes to look at herself in the mirror and watch her mouth move, so she does some funny voices too. Ha! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mini Moments

Jared was gone on his annual hunting trip a couple of weeks ago, so we were in survival mode. Fortunately, our awesome babysitter came in the afternoons until around bedtime on the week days, so things went pretty smoothly!

The big kids spent a few days at the beach with Papaw and Mamaw and had a BLAST!

So it was just the littles at home with me, which was weird! I kept calling them both Arabelle and Bo....I went back in time. 

Mae is ALWAYS up for a trip to the 'new place'. 

Mae loved playing in the dirt and throwing stuff in the pond. Here's a video. 

Ice cream in my bed at 10:00 in the morning....sure! :)

Zeke was really excited for the Bulldogs win against South Carolia that weekend. Here's a video of him squealing a lot. 
It was really nice to have some one on one time with Mae while Zeke napped.

And she helped me make Arabelle's rainbow birthday cake. ha!

We collected some leaves and made "leaf monsters" on the first day of Fall. 

And took some bike/stroller rides in the mornings.

We even did school outside one morning while Zeke napped.

Mae went with me to the new house every evening while the other kids wanted to stay home with our baby sitter. 

It got just a *little* cool on the evening Jared came home and the kids said they were FREEZING, so they put on hats and jackets to wait on the porch for him.

And of course, they made welcome home signs!

Glad we survived another hunting trip! :)

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