Wednesday, January 11, 2017

December 2016

I've shared a lot of our December pictures already in the Christmas, mud, Fox theater, etc. posts. Here are the remaining pics from December 2016. 

Zeke always wants a snack in a cup....raisins and goldfish crackers. And always following me into the bathroom. 

These two.....

I told the girls they could use my newborn bedside bassinet after Zeke was out of it (many, many months ago!), so we have it in the playroom. The little two kids love 'hiding' in the storage part underneath. :)

Zeke loved our little nativity sets!

I gave Bo a haircut at home and he sported a mohawk for a day.

 Arabelle helped me make baked potato soup one day. She did a great job cutting up the potatoes!

Picnic at the park:

Arabelle and I went to Valdosta one Saturday to see the Nutcraker. We ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom and they had this huge Hulk outside. She wanted to take a pic of this for Bo.

After she wanted to eat at Panda Express so she could use chopsticks.

Painting Christmas crafts:

Best big sister ever:

The big 3 and I went with the church to a live nativity in Tifton one Saturday evening. We ended up not getting finished until 9 and were so hungry, so we went to Cracker Barrel for a late supper.

We were making carrot apple muffins one day and the other kids decided to 'cook' too.

Christmas bells and carrots. Ha!

Bo had to get a filling at the dentist and was chilled out!

We went to Publix to grab a yogurt snack before a haircut for the little two and other errands. Such a circus trip!

We went to a birthday party for Mae's was obviously princess themed! We are usually around friends of the older kids. I love seeing her with her friends. :)

2017 here we come! 

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