Monday, December 19, 2016


We went so long without rain, so when it finally rained, we HAD to get out in the mud! Luckily, it was really warm the next morning, so the kids had a lot of fun and got soaked!

So excited!!

Four out of four kids love mud!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Kid's Christmas Program

The big 3 kids had their nativity program at church a few Sundays ago. Bo was a wise man, Mae the star, and Arabelle an angel. They did great!

Bo in his funny wise man costume:

Sweet star"

Once Mae saw me, she ran to me and cried. Oops! So I carried her down and she eventually joined the others on the stage.

Still snuggling:

She finally agreed to go stand with Arabelle:

Bo got tired, I guess.

My friend sent me this picture. Bo was right in front of her. When he sat down, he got a string of dental floss out of his pocket and flossed for the rest of the program. ha!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

November 2016

I am so behind on posting pictures! Here is a quick summary of our busy November:

Finished our "My Body" book:


Arabelle sewed Bo a stuffed elephant. :)

Could he be any sweeter!?

Thanksgiving painting:

Harvey's has little kids carts now. They are obviously made for sweet little girls and not wild boys......

Soccer 2016

Completed 1A of Singapore Math!

Using their Book It! reading certificate from Pizza Hut!

Mae was cutting and gluing one morning and said, "I'm busy ain't I Mama?". ha!

Boys on a 'boat'

Arabelle is a tiger at the zoo:

Ready for her Thanksgiving party at school:

Birthday party: