Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mini Moments

We've been having fun and trying to pack up along the way. Hopefully we are moving next week!

One cold day, Bo hopped in the bathtub for some Lego play. He stayed in until the water was too cold! 

Arabelle is still enjoying basketball. Here she is on the right at basketball practice.

Keeping an eye on the other 3 gets pretty interesting.....

We made 'snow' one Saturday afternoon. White hair conditioner and baking soda mixed together and voila!

We were at the new house one Saturday afternoon and Arabelle wanted to make a fire, so she started turning a stick on a log, trying to start a fire. She finally said, "I wish we had a match" ha!

I made pancakes one Sunday morning and Mae claimed that Papaw had made them. Thanks Mae! :)

Last Monday, I went a little crazy and took the kids to Fireside pizza for lunch by myself. They did AMAZING!! Kids eat free with an adult pizza, so I got Jared one and dropped it at his office and we ate for pretty cheap.

Zeke is ALWAYS crawling under the table.

Happy boy!!

Bo likes to have his Lego minifigures helping with his reading.

Mae wore this cute puffy vest last week. Aunt Dawn gave this outfit to Arabelle when she was 2.....seems like yesterday!

And Mae climbed a tree for the first time!

And practiced her basketball skills that day. Her form is spot on!

Zeke's expression here is hilarious!

I've been having fun with Zeke's hair after his baths lately. Ha! 

Mae wanted in on the fun too. She looks so big here!

No nap Mae is not a fun Mae. Phew....2 year olds!

Saturday was SO cold, so we spent a lot of lazy snuggles on the couch.

Mae fell asleep in the car on the way home from church Sunday, so I laid her on our bed to finish her nap. I love her sweet little face!

Monday we went to Valdosta for the Compassion Experience. It was an eye opening event!  Here's the kids with our baby sitter, Lysa. She is a senior this year and we will miss her so much when she goes to college next year!

Silly girl!

Zeke! Ha!

The kids flipped out when they saw watermelon slices at Harvey's. They were packaged 3 slices for about $0.75, so we got 2 packs and they ate them all for lunch. Zeke really enjoyed it!

Fresh blueberries were also on sale, so we got some and Zeke really went after them as well. His Papaw and Sambo will be busy this spring and summer keeping these little kids full of their fruit!

 Playing with their friend Reed this afternoon on the neighborhood 'stump'. Mae thought she was so big up there!

 Zeke has mastered the skill of sweeping his food off the tray. I totally forgot about this stage.

One more silly hair style. He loves to look at himself in the mirror! :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Zeke is 8 months old

Zeke turned 8 months old on Sunday, January 17th. I keep catching myself thinking he's still a tiny baby, but he's quickly turning into a big boy with all his new tricks and skills. 

  • Zeke is a growing boy! I realized his 9 mo. clothes were getting short when it got COLD a few days ago and all of Bo's old 12 mo stuff was for summer. Oops! So, I used his Christmas money (thanks Aunt Dawn!!) and got him some 12 mo winter clothes, so he is all set. 
  • He is in the same daily routine as at 7 months. He is up around 7, awake for 2 hours, naps for hopefully 1.5 h, then is awake for about 3 hours, naps for 1.5 hours (again, hopefully....sometimes it's 40 minutes), then is awake for about 3.5-4 hours before bed. Bedtime depends on nap length, but is usually around 6:30-7. 
  • He cries a few minutes before naps and usually nurses to sleep at bedtime.
  • Night sleep is still hit or miss. Some times he wakes just once around 3 and sometimes he wakes before midnight and again in the early morning. Blah! 
  • Nursing is still going well. He eats when he wakes in the morning, after nap 1, after nap 2, and bedtime. I will occasionally give him one side between nap 2 and supper if supper will be late for him.
  • Speaking of solids, he is doing great! He has tried strawberries, cheese, black beans, and I'm sure more new foods this month. So far, the only thing he hasn't liked is roasted broccoli. I happened to get a video of him with the broccoli. Pretty funny! 

  • Here's a video of Zeke eating roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and green beans (and a bonus of Mae 'cooking' too). 
  • He's eating lunch and supper right now. I'll try to add breakfast by 9 months. 

  • Meal time is obviously a messy experience, so he heads to the sink or bath tub after he eats. He LOVES the water! He will laugh when I pour it over his head and splashes a lot. Here's a video of Zeke in the sink and in the bath tub

  • Zeke is a busy boy! He is pulling up and beginning to cruise along the furniture and will let go and stand for a few seconds. He is crawling FAST and is pretty much into EVERYTHING.

  • Taking the monthly picture was a little difficult this month because he wanted to get down and go! 

  • Zeke is beginning to clap on command and will hold his hand up to wave when he sees himself in the mirror or when you say "Hey Zeke!" and wave at him. 

  • Independent playtime is still going well. He will fuss when I put him in, but settles and plays fine as long as he doesn't see me. He will stay 20 minutes just fine. I always put him in the play pen in the morning so I can get breakfast and get dressed, then through the day as I need to, but usually just once more for a few minutes. 

  • My boys! He loves when anyone talks to him, but especially Bo. He smiles so big at him. :)

All of the kids at 8 months old. I can't get over how much hair Zeke has compared to the others! 

Baby Zeke at 2, 4, 6, and 8 months. Growing so fast!