Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arabelle's turn

Yesterday's post was about Bo, now it's Arabelle's turn!

Arabelle LOVES "her" baby. She wants to do everything for Bo. A lot of times, I have to intervene and let Bo do things for himself. They have really started playing together a lot, which makes things a lot easier on me! Bo ends up wearing tutus, beads, and carrying a purse sometimes though. ;) I love seeing them enjoy one another!
Arabelle had just accidentally hit Bo in the face with the ball. She retrieved it and was putting it back on the tee to hit again. She didn't know she had hit him, but her expression is hilarious!

This is the face she makes when she is telling me something she thinks is funny or when she is trying to "trick" me. Here, she was telling me that "Daddy is right behind you!", but Jared was still at work. 

Who is this big girl!?

Jared taught her how to position her hands on the ball to shoot.

She is trying really hard!

Pulling "her" baby
Arabelle also LOVES to learn and play school. We've been practicing John 3:16 for a few weeks and she has got it down! For some reason, she keeps saying "one-lasting" instead of "everlasting" though. Still learning!

I can't believe how grown up our sweet girl is getting!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Who is Bo?

I love Bo's little personality! He definitely likes a routine and wants things done a certain way (Arabelle was definitely the same way at this age!). If things get changed up on him, well, let's just say that he is working on perfecting the 'tantrum'. ;)

He LOVES to play ball. If he sees a ball, he points and yells "ball!". He knows which yards have a ball in them on our walking route. 
Saying "ball"

Again, saying "ball"

Asking me to hold his spoon, so he can play ball. ha!

This is what he does when he talks about playing ball. He throws that arm up and says "ball, up!"
Practicing his dribbling

Bo has also found this cap that he likes to wear. It's so funny to see him walk in the room with the hat on backwards or crooked. Yesterday, he brought me this little tea cup and wanted me to put water in it. He was SO happy when I complied! 

Look at that cute grin!
The other day, he walked into the kitchen wearing the hat and yelling into Arabelle's microphone. 

And, of course, he still LOVES shoes! These dress shoes of mine are his favorite. He stomps around and looks behind himself at them. I told Jared we'll have to get Bo some tap shoes (KIDDING!).

*Yep, we're still wearing Halloween PJs....just because the holiday has passed doesn't mean the PJs don't fit! ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Having Fun

It rained over the weekend, so what do you think we did on Monday???

Yep, we went puddle jumping! Bo fell in (again) and Arabelle splashed all over the place. Luckily, it was plenty warm, so they were okay being wet.

This cute boy loves playing basketball! He looks outside, sees the basketball, says "ball" and does the shooting motion.

Here's a video of Arabelle and Bo playing. I started filming because Bo was showing off his new jumping skills. It turned funny when Arabelle pushed a 'trash truck' down the hallway and started talking about the 'stinky truck'.

*It should be noted that there was no poop. ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Beauty & the Beast

Saturday afternoon, I took Arabelle to see Beauty & the Beast! She had been to the movies once, before Bo was born. We went to the free summer movie one day. I don't think she even remembered going. 

She was SO excited, as you can see! She wore her Belle dress, earrings, crown, and bracelets!
On the way, we stopped at Connie's house so she could show him, Sambo, Leigh-Leigh, Aunt Kay, Uncle Gary, & Grant her dress. She ran in, twirled, spun around, flung her arms, and was just generally cute! When we were getting back in the car, she said "They all liked my dress!". :)

The movie was in 3D, so when we put the glasses on, she said "The letters are coming off the TV!!!". We got popcorn and M&Ms. She had her M&Ms first, then some popcorn. I thought she might be afraid of the Beast, but she didn't say anything or act scared. Big girl! We had such a fun time!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Porch Painting

Friday afternoon, we set up a little painting station on the back porch! Bo is old enough now to paint, so I figured it'd be easier to get on the porch and let them go to town. Luckily, they make washable paint, so the clean up is pretty easy. :)

As you can see, they had lots of fun!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Arabelle's First Dentist Appointment

Arabelle had her first dentist appointment on Tuesday! I thought I did a good job talking it up. I showed her pictures of kids in the dentist chair, told her about the treat bag, etc. She was acting SO excited to go! She sat in a chair beside me while I had my teeth cleaned, watched, asked some questions, grinned at the hygienist when she talked to her, and watched cartoons. Then it was her turn.

That was when it all changed. "I don't want to have my teeth cleaned." she said quietly.

I told her she could sit in my lap. She agreed. Then it was time to open her mouth. She disagreed with that. We talked about the treat bag and drawer. She opened her mouth a few times for the hygienist to clean and that was it. She did pretty good!

These were before pictures. :)

She chose a Cinderella toothbrush, a ring, and an Ariel sticker. She also picked out a Toy Story toothbrush, bouncy ball, and Bob the Builder sticker for Bo. And, she got a Bob the Builder sticker for Connie too. ha!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Funny Kids!

Arabelle and Bo were especially funny and silly yesterday! Arabelle likes to dress up and she helped Bo get involved yesterday. Maybe we need some boyish dress up clothes!

I LOVE this one!
It rained yesterday morning and puddle jumping is one of Arabelle's favorite activities, so we just HAD to go find a puddle!

Here they are playing. Around one minute, it gets really funny. :) Don't worry, Bo got up and had a lot more fun!

Here's another video of Arabelle and Bo in their new tent. They both love playing in it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Arabelle's First Bowling Trip

Uncle Matt & Aunt Catherine's boys spent a few days at Mom & Dad's before they started back to school after Christmas. They came over to visit us that Thursday and Arabelle got to go bowling for the first time! Before bowling, Arabelle had SO much fun playing with the boys at our house! They played hide-and-seek, then played outside. She had so much fun! Then, on to bowling! Right after we pushed the ball down the lane, she'd jump up & down and squeal and watch the ball roll. It was so fun!

Ish, Besek, Isa, Mamaw, Arabelle, Bo, & Papaw
After bowling, we went to Hungry Howie's for pizza. It was a fun outing!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Jared was gone for the weekend (duck hunting), so we headed to Pineview! It was a nice break for me, the kids had a BLAST, and I *think* Mamaw & Papaw had a little bit of fun too. ;) My favorite part was the 2 hour nap Sunday afternoon.

This morning, we went over to have a playdate before coming home! I went to school Kristen & Josh (5K-12th grade!), they married, and had Jackson, who just turned 4. He and Arabelle had the best time playing together! Arabelle loved all his toys and asked when we could go back before we even got out of the driveway. Here are a few pics I snapped from the playdate.

On the trampoline

Riding together

Arabelle about threw herself off when she first got started. ha!

Lunch time!

Aren't they so cute!