Friday, January 31, 2014

"Snow" Days

Monday was a nice warm day for January. We played outside nearly ALL afternoon and enjoyed every second of it because we knew rain and cold weather was coming!


Tuesday it rained and cooled off, so we were inside all day. Around 10, I was not believing that it was ONLY 10 and we needed something to do for about an hour before having an early lunch. I told Arabelle to put on a swim suit and Bo his undies and meet me in my bathroom for a fun activity. Arabelle was PUMPED and Bo was unsure. haha!

  Paint in the tub!

Mae played in the exersaucer in the doorway while all the painting was going on. She looks happy here, but she was actually whining and cranky most of the time. I *think* she's finally working on teeth.

They LOVED it and painted for about half an hour! Next I ran some water and they wiped a lot of the paint off, then I changed the water and made a bubble bath for them to finish washing all the paint off themselves and the shower, then changed it one more time to get good and clean.

They had so much fun and cleaned it all up themselves! 

I'll be honest. I posted a few pics I took with my phone to Instagram and Facebook while they were painting and got some comments like "What a cool Mom!", etc. Honestly, I was EXHAUSTED and short on patience and needed something to take up a chunk of time to get us to lunch, then the prized NAP TIME. This did it. ;)

Tuesday night's forecast said 100% chance of snow for Wed. morning at 6 am, then the chances tapered down to 50% at 11am, so I was pretty confident there would be *some* snow. I had told them there was a chance of snow, but didn't talk it up much, thankfully.

When Mae woke at 4 to eat, I checked the weather and our chances for snow were gone. Boo! We got some sleet and ice, but no snow. The roofs, cars, trampoline, etc. were white and it looked pretty at least!

I took Arabelle out Wednesday morning before Jared went to work and she jumped on the icy trampoline and threw some 'ice' balls at me. I think she would have played outside all morning if given the opportunity. She loves to be outside, no matter the temperature!

Jared brought in the trampoline box before leaving for work and that was loads of fun! They each got a side and Arabelle wanted a window and Bo wanted a door and they put them together for a house. They also colored on the boxes with markers.

They had a leftover pizza lunch picnic in the box house in their PJs, of course. :)

 The mansion:

Thursday was still pretty cold, but the ice melted and the sun was shining, so we got out to get Bo a haircut and pick up some new books at the library. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nerd Day

Bo's class had "nerd day" on Friday. They had been studying the letter 'N' and for some reason couldn't come up with anything better than "nerd day". Anyway, Bo dressed like a nerd on Friday and it included a homemade Georgia Tech shirt, of course.

Bo wasn't too excited about the glasses, which were some old scratched up sunglasses of his:

He did perk up and give a smile. :)

Don't worry, I made sure that no one actually thought he was a Tech fan...this was the back of the t-shirt:

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Jump!

Friday, we went to Just Jump for a playdate with some of the other homeschool kids. It was nice to get out and play, but stay warm!

As you can see, they both had a lot of energy to use!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mae is 8 months old!

Mae is getting so big! I can't believe she is 8 months old already! 

  • She's still taking 2 naps a day (and will for awhile now, I hope!). She's up for the day around 7, naps around 9 (for 1-1.5 hours), naps around 1:30 (1-1.5 hours), and goes to bed around 6:30-7. She's still nursing 4 times a day (morning, after naps, and bedtime). 
  • Her night sleep is still a bit all over the place. Some nights she just wakes once, in the early morning to nurse, some nights she's crying before I'm even in the bed. Fortunately, she'll either fuss back to sleep or will settle with just a few cuddles from Jared. 
  • She is babbling a lot! She's saying "dadada" most of the time and has babbled something that sounds like "hi!" a few times when she sees herself in the mirror.
  • She is a clapping girl now and will clap when she hears music or when I say "clap your hands, Mae!". She also waves at times, especially when she sees herself in the mirror! We got home from being away a few days while Jared was hunting and she started waving the second we walked in the door. I guess she was glad to be home! 

  • She loves to eat! She is having 2 meals at the table now. I hope to add the 3rd meal this month. It's a bit time consuming to fix 3 plates, hurry and eat my food, then clean Mae up (she's messy!). She likes bananas, oranges, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, toast, and more!  

  • She is an active girl! She pulls up on everything. I keep a plastic bin of dry rice and beans for Arabelle and Bo to play in under the school table. She LOVES to crawl under the table and get on top of that bin.

  • She's also beginning to cruise along the sofa and around her activity table. 

  • She still doesn't have any teeth!
  • She's in a size 3 diaper and 9 month clothes. 
  • She loves to look at herself in the mirror after her bath!
  • She is always SO happy after her bath! 

  • She got stuck under the coffee table last week....

  • She's a long happy girl!!

  • Here's a comparison of each kid at 8 months old...Arabelle, Bo, then Mae 
  • Mae at 2, 4, 6, & 8 months.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Keeping Arabelle and Bo entertained is never a problem. They will find something to play....superheroes, packing & going on a trip, brother/sister, Mama/Daddy, etc.

I snapped this picture when they were playing Mama/Daddy last week. Arabelle came up to me and said, "Excuse me, m'am, will you take a picture of me and my husband?". I snapped this super sweet picture, then Bo said, "I'm not your husband, I'm Spiderman!!!!" and ran away like a superhero. :) 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bo's First Dentist Appointment

The time came for Bo's first dentist appointment and Arabelle's regular appointment. Arabelle was scheduled to go first, but 'let' Bo go first. He was a bit hesitant, but once the dental hygenist said he could sit in my lap, he was fine. I actually enjoyed laying back and holding Bo for a bit!

They both did really well. Had their teeth cleaned and flossed, then examined by the dentist and got a good report! Apparently I fell down on the job this morning though because NEITHER of them brushed their teeth after breakfast. Of all times for me to not have them brush. Oops!

We have the SWEETEST hygenist and she filled their bag with so many goodies....toothbrushes, toothpaste, chapstick, gum, crayons, coloring book, kid's flossers, stickers, temporary tatoos, and they picked a prize out of the prize drawer.

Arabelle also got a little treasure chest box to put her tooth in once it falls out. It's pretty loose, so it won't be long now!

And the Capt. America shield had to come with us. I generally don't let him take it out (because he can be dangerous with it, just ask my nose), but since it was a special thing, he took it.

And what first dentist appointment isn't complete without a sugar doughnut afterwards???? Yes, they brushed their teeth before bed tonight. :)

Mamaw took the day off work and kept Mae for me and it was SO nice to focus on the big ones and spoil them just a bit.I don't think Mamaw minded having to keep Mae a bit either. :)