Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review of 2013

2013 was an amazing year for our family!! As always, the kids grew and changed SO much in just a short year. Here's a little recap of all the fun!

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January: Arabelle was 4 years 3 months and Bo was 2 years and 4 months the beginning of 2013. January was a month spent at home, it seems. Bo transitioned to a toddler bed from his crib, we splashed in puddles, went fishing, Arabelle did art class, we roasted marshmallows, and had lots of Movie Mondays since Jared started teaching at the college. This month, was just over half way through the pregnancy and we had the Dr. appt. to see about Mae's Single Umbilical Artery

February: Another fun month with Caleb's birthday party, more rain and puddle jumping, treat making, PJ day, and Valentine's Day!

March: March was a CRAZY busy month, but so fun! We celebrated Papaw and Grandma's birthday, Arabelle had art class again, went to Disney World and had the BEST time there! The week after we got back was Spring Break and Bo potty trained that week. That may have been the longest week of my life, considering I was 34 weeks pregnant and spent it sitting on a step stool in the bathroom with Bo. He did GREAT though and rarely had an accident (day or night) after he trained. We also celebrated Easter right at the end of March.

April: This month was spent living it up before baby Mae was born. Arabelle went with Jared to the UGA Spring Game, the kids and I took a mini-beach trip to Fernandina with Mamaw, lots of park trips & SnoBiz, t-ball started, and I finally got out to tour the Broxton Rocks (at 38 weeks pregnant...not the greatest timing there)!

 May: The biggest highlight of this month was Mae's arrival (finally, at 8 days overdue!) on the 20th! I so enjoyed seeing Arabelle SO excited to have a baby sister! We also enjoyed t-ball, playing in the mud, and enjoying all the visitors who came to see Mae.

June: This month was pretty busy! Arabelle had a week long soccer camp, both kids took swimming lessons and also went to day camp at FBC Douglas, we enjoyed Sambo's blueberries and took the annual cousins picture, spent a lot of time on the slip-n-slide, Mae had her first Sunday at church, and we celebrated the great Dad's in our life on Father's day.

July: Another fun month around the house, including sprinklers, puddle jumping, church camp, SnoBiz, family time, and lots of cuddles for baby Mae! I also had my 29th birthday in July.

August: This was a BIG month for us! Bo turned 3 years old, we hosted Arabelle and Bo's waterslide birthday party, Bo started back to pre-school 3 mornings a week, Mae began giggling and smiling SO big (and she was sleeping SO good at night!), and we started homeschooling Arabelle.

September: Arabelle turned 5 in September! Both big kids went to a Georgia game with Jared one Saturday and we just hung out at home and played a lot!

October: This month included lots of fun Fall things....Fall crafts, pumpkin patch, Church harvest festival and more! Arabelle also learned to ride her bicycle without training wheels this month!

November: Mae turned 6 months old in November! We continued to play outside a lot, went to the State Park for playdates, celebrated Thanksgiving, rode bikes, and had a lot of fun!

December: What a fun month (except the last week with the flu!)! We made a lot of Christmas crafts, visited Albany, got our Christmas tree and decorated, the kids' were in the church Christmas program, we spent a lot of time with our families, celebrated Jared's 30th birthday, and ate a lot of treats! ;)

2013 was a great year, full of blessings! Looking forward to another amazing year! 

*I'm too tired to proof-read, so this will have to do....

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