Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mini Moments

We are all enjoying life in the country! Most mornings, we head out for a walk/bike ride after breakfast so the kids can do a little exploring.

Bo found a caterpillar of a Giant Leopard Moth. He didn't want to hold it, but Arabelle did.

Mae loves to draw these days. She will draw each of us. So far she draws a head, 2 arms coming out of the head, 2 legs (no body yet!), and 2 eyes.

I love when the kids pile in bed with us in the mornings! Arabelle usually sleeps in, so she misses out some.

One day a couple of weeks ago, we went back to the old house to jump on the trampoline (how do we move that thing!?) and the kids enjoyed climbing their old favorite trees. 

These two!

Arabelle was looking at some ants with the magnifying glass the other day........

and Mae wanted to study them too.

Mae loves to clean up these days.

One afternoon we cleaned out the garage and they actually had fun!

Arabelle was really excited to find a crawfish the other day and we realized there were a bunch in that spot!

Zeke is so funny outside. He will find a stick of some kind and carry it all over the place.

Bo is always drawing Lego minifigures and writing a sentence or two about them.

Mr Big Toad

Shoes for Zeke! These little slipper type shoes were Bo's when he was a baby and I love seeing Zeke toddle around in them.

Mae told me this shirt said "Big Mama" instead of Big Sister. Ha!

I've got a ton of videos to share, but that will have to be a different day. ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2016


The first week here, Jared came home a little early one day and surprised the kids with a little fishing. 

Arabelle was the only one to catch a fish. She was a little disappointed in it's size. Ha!

Bo is still a little too impatient to have much luck, but Arabelle loves it! 

Zeke's 9 Month Check Up

Zeke had his 9 month check up on February 25th. That was our moving day too, so things were a little crazy that day. :)

The big 3 went to Papaw and Mamaw's that morning (SO HELPFUL!), then Zeke and I went to the pediatrician for his check up. This was his first visit without shots, so we were both happy. :)

Zeke weighed 20 lb even (54th percentile) and was 28.5 inches long (51st percentile). His head circumference was 17.72 inches (47th percentile), so he's a pretty proportionate baby!

He was all over the place while we were waiting and he was tired, so he kept me busy, but it was really nice to be there with ONE kid instead of FOUR. :)

Everything checked out perfectly and he is developing well.

So thankful for a healthy 9 month old!

*Mae's 9 month check up

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Zeke is 10 Months Old

Zeke is 10 months old! I can't believe how close we are getting to his first birthday. This year has flown by! 

  • Zeke's growth has slowed a lot in the last couple of months because he is always moving! He's in a size 4 diaper and 12 mo clothes. 
  • Naps are still the same from last month. Two naps a day, each around 1.5 hours long and bedtime about 4 hours after the last nap ends. He goes down for naps with just a little fussing and goes to bed without a peep.
  • He is consistently waking once a night and will occasionally sleep through. Once he did 8pm-7am! He usually wakes around 3:00, nurses, and goes right back to sleep. Since we moved, he's been sleeping in the pack and play in my closet. 
  • He is continuing to nurse well in the morning, after naps, bedtime, and if he wakes at night. 

  • Still no teeth for Zeke. I think there's a little swelling on his bottom gums, so maybe they will pop through soon. 

  • Zeke has such a fun little personality and will smile anytime you tease or talk to him. He also leans towards other people when they talk to him if I am holding him. He is just such an easy going baby! 
  • He is doing so well with independent playtime in the play pen. I have it in the living area over by the stairs, so he can see me from the play pen while I cook supper. I was afraid he would cry to get out, but he is fine playing and looking out the window. He still goes in at least 2 times a day.
  • He loves to play chase and peek-a-boo and little songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Pat a Cake" and laughs at himself some times. Ha!

  • His hair is out of control! I can't believe how long it is!!

  • He will occasionally wave on command and babbles a lot. He hasn't said any intentional words that I've noticed. 

  • Most mornings we take a walk and Zeke is so content to ride in the stroller and watch the big kids ride their bikes and run around. Thanks to Lindsey for the durable double stroller. We are putting some miles on it! 

  •  In the mornings, Zeke comes in bed with me to nurse and the other kids are usually up or getting up. I love when they all pile in bed and snuggle/play!

  • Zeke loves to play outside. I've finally accepted that he's old enough to get on the ground and get dirty. He is learning not to eat sticks, rocks, dirt, and grass. :)

All four kids at 10 months old. Who does he favor to you? 

Newborn, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 8 months, and 10 months!

Zeke is such a joy to all of us!