Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Fun!

Whew, this week is flying by! I'm just now writing about LAST weekend and it's almost the weekend already! On Sunday afternoon, we celebrated Rhianna (5) & Gigi's (4) birthdays! It was a beautiful afternoon to play outside. :)

Arabelle & Gigi
 Birthday Girl--Gigi
 Tripp--All the kids enjoyed the big sand pile!
 Birthday Girl--Rhianna
 The girls wanted a "Hello Kitty on a Unicorn" cake
I'm not sure what Bo enjoyed more, the car or bubbles. Either way, he was worn OUT and went to bed at 6:30 that night and I didn't hear from him until 7:30 the next morning!!
Even the Connie enjoyed the bubbles!!! :)

It was loads of fun and I can't believe how big the girls are getting!! Four & Five sounds so old. I'm glad my girl is still 3. ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

This Girl.....

Yesterday was one of those days where we didn't have anywhere to go, so we spent the whole day at home and had fun! We took a run (kids in double stroller), went for a bike ride, put fresh sand in the sand table, colored, watched Word World, had lunch, napped (even Arabelle slept!), snacked, played outside some more, read books, and more! By 6:00, I had supper ready, but Jared was still 30 min from being home. The walls were closing in at that point, so we went back outside.

If you know Arabelle, you know her imagination is really funny and she LOVES to dress up. I can't even remember what she said she was when she put this get-up on, but she insisted on wearing it outside and adding rubber boots to finish the ensemble!

Ta-da!!!! Yep, a tutu around the waist and one around the neck!

 Bo was saying "shoooo bug!" to the gnats.

 Arabelle said she was tired and would just sit and watch Bo play basketball. Bo went right over and sat down too. :)

 Then Bo realized this ball had a Georgia "G" on it (Aunt Dawn, this is the one you gave Arabelle when Bo was born!). So, he started saying "Goooo Dawgs!".

 Guess who did this??
 Soooo strong!
 Reaching soooo high!

 Then things changed....Arabelle was upset because Bo sat where she wanted to sit in the wagon. Ha!
 And, here's the one picture I have of them BOTH smiling. Of course, Arabelle's wearing the silly tutu around her neck. Figures. ha!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Field Trip

Arabelle's class took a trip to the ceramic studio and library on Wednesday. Sambo kept Bo for me, so I could  relax a little and enjoy Arabelle. I didn't think a ceramics studio + 19 mo. old was a good combination!

As you know, Arabelle LOVES to paint, so this was right up her alley. They painted Easter eggs at the ceramics studio.

She was very focused!


Arabelle's class, there are 2 sections of the 3 year olds
We walked to the library, then the kids had a little snack before story time. Arabelle goes to story time on Tuesdays in Broxton, so she is familiar with the children's librarian, Ms. Angela. She read them 2 books and talked about the library. Arabelle picked out a few books to check out before we left. 

All the 3 year olds!

I asked Arabelle if she wanted to go to school for the last hour or go with me to pick up Bo from Sambo's office. She said "I'll go with you and get a treat (M&Ms) at Sambo's office.". Smart girl. 

It was a fun morning with my favorite little girl!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"It Must Be Summer!"

It has been so nice and warm here lately! Friday, I surprised Arabelle and Bo with popsicles. Arabelle chose blue (her favorite color) for her and Bo. They enjoyed it so much! Arabelle was twirling around the yard enjoying her popsicle and said "It must be summer!". Through the winter, she'd occasionally ask for a popsicle and I'd tell her we'd get some when it got warm again. :)

Arabelle had eaten all her popsicle and was acting like she was going to eat Bo's. He thought it was so funny!

After a bike ride/stroll, Arabelle said she was hot and sweaty. So, we got the sprinkler out! The water seemed a little cool to me, but Arabelle and Bo didn't mind at all!
Bo kept saying "rain!"

Bo was unhappy that Arabelle was drinking the water.

It was a fun way to kick off this "summer" weather!

Friday, March 16, 2012

2 Nights!

Arabelle was SO excited to get to spend "2 Nights!!!" at Mamaw and Papaw's house this week! Arabelle and Bo went to Pineview Tuesday afternoon and came home Thursday evening. It was a nice little break for me and they had SO much fun!

Bo slept fine there, for the first time. That was good news! They both ran a fever for about 12 hours and I thought I was going to have to go get them, but they were fine after Wednesday morning, so they stayed.

Here are a few pictures that Mamaw text me while they were there. I LOVE this first picture!

While Bo napped, Arabelle was put to work! She said it was so hot out that she was sweating like Papaw. Mamaw looked and she did have sweat dripping down her face! We learned that Arabelle REALLY likes Gatorade. ;)

It was really quiet around here and I was so glad to get these two sweeties back yesterday!