Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beach Trip, Day 4

Saturday was our last day! Jared had class until noon, so we played on the beach a bit, hopped in the pool, packed up the car, checked out, went to a park, ate lunch, then picked him up for the trip home!

I think they were both on the run in this one!

 We had lunch at Sliders (I LOVE their crab burgers!) and the kids played on the play ground there one more time. :)

Both kids CRASHED on the way home. Bo didn't even make it down to pick up Jared before he was asleep and Arabelle said "Hey Daddy!" and a minute later she was asleep too. 

We had a great time and were thankful to get away together for a few days!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Beach Trip, Day 3

Friday morning, the kids were up early and ready to go! Arabelle LOVED drinking her milk out of the 'fancy cups'. :)

We took our morning walk before going on the beach. 

Wasn't the view nice!?

I only had one picture from our morning on the beach (without Jared)! Snack time....cheetos!

After lunch and naps from both kids (thank you God!), we enjoyed the beach with Jared! Arabelle liked going "really far out" into the ocean.

 Jared built a little sand castle.
 Then they destroyed it. This is Bo saying "Oh no!".

Self portrait!

Then we went swimming!

After baths/showers, we got dressed and headed out to supper! This time we rode the shuttle to a restaurant on the grounds, the Verandah. It was delicious!

Arabelle thought it was SO neat that we rode a 'bus'!

You could tell Bo wasn't used to riding out of a car seat. He was all over the place in his seat!

 Playing peek-a-boo.
 After dinner, we grabbed some ice cream! Arabelle chose the pink ice cream, I had a chocolate with brownies in it, Bo had vanilla (he was wearing a white shirt!), and Jared had a slice of cheese cake. We were all happy!

 Finally a train ride to end the evening!

Back at the condo, Arabelle liked wearing the arm covers off the couch on her head. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8 years!

Today Jared and I celebrate 8 years of marriage! It seems like another lifetime ago (and I don't mean that in a bad way!). 

We've experienced college, graduations, infertility & miscarriage, pregnancies, moving home, working, having children and building a life together! We have been blessed beyond measure!

Here we are on our wedding day, May 29th, 2004. We look mighty young there.....I was 19 and Jared was 20. :)

Happy Anniversary Jared! I love you!

Beach Trip, Day 2

Wednesday night was.....interesting. Both kids were up all through the night and Bo ended up sleeping in our bed (for the first time in MONTHS!). They were up and ready to go at 7:30. Jared was gone until after lunch in his class, so we were on our own!

Here's how Bo ended up Thursday morning.

We started with a walk around the condo. There was a golf course there on the grounds and hole #16 was right between our building and the beach. Really pretty place!

We finally made it down to the beach around 9:00. Can I just say it's HARD to get all the beach stuff together, sunscreen on, etc. with 2 kids ready to 'GO NOW'!? Phew!

Once we got on the beach, they both loved it! It took Bo a bit to get used to it, then he was all about it.

Not quite ready yet, in this one.

Getting ready for snack!

Thursday evening, we went downtown to the Crab Trap for supper. Bo had napped and Arabelle had not, despite being exhausted (the beach wears us all out!), so they were both cranky! We survived and got the kids in bed and they slept really well, thankfully!

Going to eat.

I strategically choose Bo's outfit for the evening. ;)

Stay tuned for more beach fun!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beach Trip, Day 1

Wednesday afternoon, we hopped in the car and headed down to Amelia Island! Jared was taking a CLE class beginning on Thursday-Saturday, so we all joined in!

Bo napped in the car and we were all ready to hit the beach when we got there! I didn't pull my camera out that time, but more beach pictures to come!

We got cleaned up and went to Slider's (good food + play ground= perfect place to take kids!) for supper and had fun!

Not sure what this face was about!

We grabbed a few groceries and went back to the condo to rest up for a full day ahead!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Enjoying Spring!

Arabelle and Bo (and me too!) have been loving their swing set! We spend nearly every afternoon on the swing set and playing in the pool. So fun!

Arabelle is getting a little too brave!

Love this sweet face!

And this one!

Bo was pushing Arabelle down the slide.

He thought it was so funny!

We just got back from a few days at the beach, so be looking for some beach pictures soon! ;)