Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mini Moments

We are all enjoying life in the country! Most mornings, we head out for a walk/bike ride after breakfast so the kids can do a little exploring.

Bo found a caterpillar of a Giant Leopard Moth. He didn't want to hold it, but Arabelle did.

Mae loves to draw these days. She will draw each of us. So far she draws a head, 2 arms coming out of the head, 2 legs (no body yet!), and 2 eyes.

I love when the kids pile in bed with us in the mornings! Arabelle usually sleeps in, so she misses out some.

One day a couple of weeks ago, we went back to the old house to jump on the trampoline (how do we move that thing!?) and the kids enjoyed climbing their old favorite trees. 

These two!

Arabelle was looking at some ants with the magnifying glass the other day........

and Mae wanted to study them too.

Mae loves to clean up these days.

One afternoon we cleaned out the garage and they actually had fun!

Arabelle was really excited to find a crawfish the other day and we realized there were a bunch in that spot!

Zeke is so funny outside. He will find a stick of some kind and carry it all over the place.

Bo is always drawing Lego minifigures and writing a sentence or two about them.

Mr Big Toad

Shoes for Zeke! These little slipper type shoes were Bo's when he was a baby and I love seeing Zeke toddle around in them.

Mae told me this shirt said "Big Mama" instead of Big Sister. Ha!

I've got a ton of videos to share, but that will have to be a different day. ;)

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