Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mini Moments

Catching up here....this starts a few weeks ago, before we moved!

Mae is looking so grown these days. I can't believe she's so close to three.

Morning walk:

Arabelle likes to dip suckers in water, so she invented this contraption where she drinks water while eating the sucker. Pretty clever!

Zeke is just asking for a funny hair-style with his long hair!

Mae has mastered the tricycle!

Zeke's first lemon. He made a lot of funny faces and ate nearly the entire thing.

Mae still thinks she's invisible if she can't see you, so there's a lot of peek-a-boo and "Where's Mae!?" going on.

Mae has started drawing a lot lately. Here she is drawing a picture of me. She was sure to say, "You have 2 arms and you have 2 legs!"

Mae LOVES her almond milk. She gets a 1/2 sippy of milk before meals. One day she was pretending the milk carton was her baby. I had a time getting her to put it back in the fridge. Ha!

Arabelle and Bo went to Caleb's birthday party with Papaw and Mamaw one weekend, so Mae enjoyed wearing Arabelle's robe. She wanted me to take a picture to show Arabelle. :)

So you don't think it's all sunshine and roses over here, some days are just hard. Bo and Arabelle both had a case of the Mondays on this particular day.

We ended up stopping early and going outside. :P

This was Zeke's first time playing at the park! He loved being in the tunnel.

Arabelle and Bo spent the park time playing in the mud.

School outside on the warm mornings:

I had gone inside to change Zeke's diaper and told the kids to stay in the back yard. I came out and didn't see Mae. I was *this close* to panicking when I heard Mae giggling behind the gate. Stinker!

"Where's Mae?"

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