Friday, January 31, 2014

"Snow" Days

Monday was a nice warm day for January. We played outside nearly ALL afternoon and enjoyed every second of it because we knew rain and cold weather was coming!


Tuesday it rained and cooled off, so we were inside all day. Around 10, I was not believing that it was ONLY 10 and we needed something to do for about an hour before having an early lunch. I told Arabelle to put on a swim suit and Bo his undies and meet me in my bathroom for a fun activity. Arabelle was PUMPED and Bo was unsure. haha!

  Paint in the tub!

Mae played in the exersaucer in the doorway while all the painting was going on. She looks happy here, but she was actually whining and cranky most of the time. I *think* she's finally working on teeth.

They LOVED it and painted for about half an hour! Next I ran some water and they wiped a lot of the paint off, then I changed the water and made a bubble bath for them to finish washing all the paint off themselves and the shower, then changed it one more time to get good and clean.

They had so much fun and cleaned it all up themselves! 

I'll be honest. I posted a few pics I took with my phone to Instagram and Facebook while they were painting and got some comments like "What a cool Mom!", etc. Honestly, I was EXHAUSTED and short on patience and needed something to take up a chunk of time to get us to lunch, then the prized NAP TIME. This did it. ;)

Tuesday night's forecast said 100% chance of snow for Wed. morning at 6 am, then the chances tapered down to 50% at 11am, so I was pretty confident there would be *some* snow. I had told them there was a chance of snow, but didn't talk it up much, thankfully.

When Mae woke at 4 to eat, I checked the weather and our chances for snow were gone. Boo! We got some sleet and ice, but no snow. The roofs, cars, trampoline, etc. were white and it looked pretty at least!

I took Arabelle out Wednesday morning before Jared went to work and she jumped on the icy trampoline and threw some 'ice' balls at me. I think she would have played outside all morning if given the opportunity. She loves to be outside, no matter the temperature!

Jared brought in the trampoline box before leaving for work and that was loads of fun! They each got a side and Arabelle wanted a window and Bo wanted a door and they put them together for a house. They also colored on the boxes with markers.

They had a leftover pizza lunch picnic in the box house in their PJs, of course. :)

 The mansion:

Thursday was still pretty cold, but the ice melted and the sun was shining, so we got out to get Bo a haircut and pick up some new books at the library. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit!

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