Friday, January 3, 2014

School Reward

We struggled a bit with Arabelle not wanting to do her school work. Let's be honest, we don't do *that* much, probably only 20 minutes of direct teaching & workbooks TOTAL in a day, plus the activities (that she loves and doesn't see as work). So, I told her if she focused and did her best without whining, we'd get a treat during Christmas break. She wanted to go to Your Yogurt, where you get a cup of yogurt and put on all the candy/toppings you want. On Dec. 27th, they had been fever free for about 24 hours, so we loaded up and planned to go!

Wouldn't you know it, they shut down on Dec. 22nd. Arabelle was really sad, but decided that Dairy Queen would be a pretty good treat too. ;)

She ate the entire dipped cone and was one happy girl! 

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