Monday, January 18, 2016

Mini Moments

Here I am again....behind on the pictures and videos. My new normal, I guess. :)

The kids have a 'climbing tree' outside that they've turned into their camp area. They cleaned the leaves out around it and have made a 'fire pit'. Arabelle takes her cooler out with drinks and snacks most days. Ha!

No shortage of love for Zeke when we're at the climbing tree!

Arabelle likes to pretend she's Mae's Mama and sometimes Mae will play along. :)

Zeke is LOVING food these days. He's 8 mo old now, so an update is coming soon (I hope).

 If Mae is in the car after lunch, you can pretty much guarantee she will fall asleep. Luckily, she will transfer to the bed just fine and finish her nap.

Zeke is a busy boy!

Arabelle and Bo made a zoo one morning during a school break.

Bo helped me vacuum out the van and Jared's car a couple of Saturdays ago. He wasn't too happy about having to do it, but ended up having fun. We even washed Jared's car!


Fourth kid problems: Eating feet during reading time.

Tuesday and Thursdays are a little interesting with Mae around during morning school. She put a desk by Arabelle and wanted glasses like her. Arabelle loved it!

Salt art!

Mae is FINALLY 100% potty trained!! She was having issues with #2 and one day it just finally clicked. She's still getting a sucker for it when she remembers.

Since it hasn't been a really cold winter yet, we've gotten a lot of outside time. One day they found a lady bug on the trampoline and made a 'lady bug habitat' in the empty sand table.

Zeke loves to swing!

We made a Derby pie last week and Mae is a pro bowl cleaner now. :)

 Bo came to the desk for math one afternoon last week looking like a teenager.

Zeke's first time in the swing at Wheeler park last week!

 We did Ice Painting one evening. Basically a big piece of ice and water colors. The color melts away pretty quickly, so you get a new 'canvas' every few minutes. Arabelle and Mae especially liked this.

Very serious Monopoly players.

We did s'mores at the new place a few weeks ago.

Basketball has begun for Arabelle! She is LOVING it!

Mae and Bo on the trampoline. Don't miss Mae's funny static hair and Bo calling himself "Bubby" (I love that!)

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