Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas 2015: Part 3

The day after Christmas, we went to Pineview to celebrate! We started at Grandpa and Grandma's house. 

Grandpa used to not really smile for pictures, but that's changed. :)

Mae had a piece of peppermint in her mouth and didn't know how to smile with a mouthful. Ha! Also notice the Christmas shirts, but shorts/skirts. It was warm!

Arabelle got the camera and took some pictures.

Zeke was so sleepy, but was the best little baby, as usual!

Bloodworth boys!

Things got a little rowdy between the meal and gift time....

Zeke went to sleep with me holding him that afternoon, which hasn't happened in months!

All the kids were curious about the box from Aunt Dawn. It was something GREEN for the new house. :)



After that, we went back down to Papaw and Mamaw's house to play outside. Arabelle started a water stand, which turned into a lemonade stand.

Before supper, we went outside for a talent show. Each family did a performance...singing, skits, etc. Mamaw and Papaw actually practiced theirs and took home the un-official first place prize. Here's a video of their performance. 

After supper, it was chaotic gift opening time!

Lowndes and Mae snuggling. :)

Papaw and Mamaw with all 10
I don't know WHERE Arabelle gets her silly dancing personality from......

The kids got a walkie talkie set and it's been so fun! They like to take them outside and talk to me inside. It's hilarious to watch from the window and see what they are doing and talk with them.

The girls got matching gowns and house shoes. Arabelle was really excited that she and Mae get to match!

Now who are these kids?

Christmas was fun, crazy, and exhausting. :) We spent the night that night and got back to the real world the next afternoon. 

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