Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015: Part 2

The kids have a clock in their room that turns green when they can get up, so we didn't have to worry about a super early morning on Christmas Day. ;)

Bo and Mae always get up right when the clock turns green at 6:50 and Arabelle usually sleeps in. I guess she forgot it was Christmas because when we woke her at 7, she was NOT happy about it at first. Ha!

Zeke slept in a big, so we started the fun without him.

Getting right to it with the stockings!

Excitement x2!

Mae opened her M&Ms and went right to the couch to eat them.

Miles from Tomorrowland T-shirt! Bo has his super excited "I just woke up" face here. Cute!

Arabelle got some Tegu blocks, which are magnetic on the ends. They've been really fun (for all of  us!)

Mae went and got herself a bowl for her M&Ms then got back started on her stocking.

Bubble bath!

Mae's gift was a music set! Santa got it at the consignment sale back in August, thinking we'd be at the new house by now with a play room. The musical accompaniment has been......interesting. ha!

Bo got a little Lego pack and made this monster right away, before opening his 'big' gift. It was so funny that his Lego police station that he wanted SO badly was wrapped and waiting for about 20 minutes while he ate M&Ms and built this monster.

Tegu tower!

The big gift.....

Here's a video of him opening his gift. Arabelle was SO excited and you'll hear her screaming. :)

She was SO excited for Bo!

They went straight to work and Bo didn't stop to eat or drink until around 12:30. Focus!

Zeke woke up just before 8, nursed, then he was ready to check out his gifts.

Arabelle and Mae were glad to help him out a little.

He got a Mickey Mouse shirt, a pack of balls, snacks, a Mickey sippy cup, bib, and socks.

I love how she babies him! He's going to have it made!

We just hung out all day and enjoyed a special day together. Papaw and Mamaw came by that morning, then Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Dawn came in the afternoon. 

It was so warm on Christmas that Arabelle and Bo played in the sprinkler. Ha! Here's a video of Arabelle in the sprinkler. 

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