Thursday, January 14, 2016

Winter Beach Trip

It was such a warm December this year! On Tuesday, December 29th at around 7:45 pm, I had the grand idea to take the kids to Fernandina Beach the next day. I knew it was a crazy idea to take 4 kids to the beach, but I hoped it would be something they would remember forever!

I ended up texting my good friend Stephanie to see if she and her kids wanted to meet up. She was in for the fun, which was also super helpful for me with a baby and toddler at the beach.

I stayed up really late packing up the stuff (snacks, lunch, towels, beach toys, a chair) and got up early to be ready to go when the kids got up.

Bo was kind of indifferent at first, but the girls were really excited!! Arabelle asked, "Are you kidding me!?", then went crazy when I said we were really going.

I text Papaw and Mamaw a picture of the girls saying that we were going to the beach and they thought we were just playing. :)

We left just before 8, got some gas in Douglas and were on the way! I was hoping to make it without stopping because getting all 4 kids out of the car and back in takes a few minutes. But, we had to do one bathroom break, then a feeding break for Zeke. Zeke had done so well in the car on our zoo trip, but was a bit fussier for the beach trip. A crying baby in the car stresses me more than anything, I think.

We got there around 11, I think it was. It was 83 degrees and sunny that day and the beach was pretty crowded!

The big kids had SO much fun playing with their 'best friends'!

Mom of the year here forgot a beach hat for baby Zeke, so it was bright! I kept his head shaded with a blanket most of the time. I held him or wore him in the baby carrier nearly the whole time.

Mae enjoyed the snacks a lot.

The water was cold, but not cold enough to keep the big kids out of it!

Zeke wasn't really sure about the sand. He felt it with his hands, tasted it ONCE, and decided he didn't want to crawl on it, so he sat on the towel and looked around confused. ha!

I meant to ask Stephanie to take a picture of us, but there was just a lot going on, so that didn't happen. We started loading up at 2:30 and it was 3:00 by the time we had everyone cleaned off and were in the car to head home. 

The little two napped some, then we stopped in Waycross for a Zeke feeding and to pick up Chick-fil-a and made it home by 6:15ish. It was an exhausting day, but SO FUN!!!!

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