Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 was a big blur with 4 excited, sugar filled kids. Ha! 

The pictures are a little out of order because some are from my cell phone and some are from my camera. 

Jared has been wanting Southern Living's White Chocolate Red Velvet Cheesecake since it was on their cover in 2013. I finally made it for him, 3 years later. It was sooooo rich and tasty! (and it took hours to make). 

Happy Husband

Christmas in Pineview on the Thur before Christmas:

Kids got a new ride!

Zeke thinks he's a big boy trying to drive:

Jared loves pictures. ;)

Mae learned to drive these little power wheels in the last few months and LOVES it!

Nolan, the youngest of 10 grandchildren!

Sheriff's deputies are on the hunt.....


  New dress!

Mae and Arabelle got matching robes from Papaw and Mamaw!

Zeke's "cheese" it!

I love his little mouth. He was saying "oooooohhhh".

Lunch at Grandpa and Grandma's on Friday.

The kids were being wild and scared Zeke. He was so sweet with Grandpa!

Caleb and Bo....first cousins.

They were getting wild, so Grandpa passed out $1 bills to quiet them down. ha!

Love my grandparents!

Christmas Eve lunch at Sambo and Lele's house. Zeke cracked me up when he leaned in the pic!

Both big kids got their most wanted Lego sets from Sambo and Lele!

Arabelle picked this game out of a catalog and got it from Papa and Grandma LaVell. It is a really fun and challenging strategy game!

The girls loving Connie:

Zeke loved this giant nutcracker:

Mae loves her Sambo!

Christmas Eve night at our house:

Each kid opened a gift from us on Christmas Eve, beginning with the youngest.

Zeke loved his bouncy horse!

Mae specifically asked for a 'stuffed Chase' from Paw Patrol, so she got EXACTLY WHAT SHE WANTED.

Big kids.....they got a 'boogie board' electronic writing tablet.

Then Mae decided she wanted Zeke's bouncy horse instead of her stuffed Chase. Ha! I ordered her one with some of her Christmas money, so now she is the proud owner of a red bouncy horse.

New shirts for Jared.

Christmas morning! Zeke actually slept in, so we let him snooze.

Their 'big gift' was the super duper spinner swing that we've hung from the oak tree down by the pond. The kids LOVE it!

Bubble gum for Bo!

They each got a shirt (Lego for Bo, University of Ga. for Arabelle, and Paw Patrol for Mae and Zeke), a book (tractor and farm for Zeke, Lego Nexo for Bo, color by number for Arabelle, and coloring for Mae) and stocking stuff (undies, chocolate, etc).

Mae had been asking for a 'puppy carrier' for months, so she got one for Christmas. She was so excited!!

And she's barely played with it since Christmas. ha!

Crumbs Santa left behind.

Zeke's awake!

Here's the out of order....this was the Wed. morning before Christmas, when they opened their gifts from Ms. Nancy:


And now we're back to Christmas morning. Mae, before church, for whatever reason. Ha!

Christmas morning at church.

Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Dawn, Papaw, and Mamaw came for lunch on Christmas. Aunt Dawn brought the kids a new UPS hat!

I fell off the wagon by Christmas afternoon because I didn't take any more pictures, but it was a fun day! The kids played all afternoon, then Papaw and Mamaw took them to the Huddle House for supper. 

Here is a video of Mae singing. She's singing a part of Joy to the World and Hurry, Hurry to Bethlehem.

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