Thursday, March 12, 2015

32 weeks with baby #4!

The weeks are just flying by! Eight more weeks until the due date, so about 9 weeks until we meet this little boy!!!

I also can NOT believe we did Disney World when I was 32 weeks with Mae. Phew! Ha!

Pregnancy Highlights:

  • How far along: 32 weeks on 3/11/15
  • Size of the baby: I'll have an u/s at my next appt (36 weeks since the Dr will be out of town at the 35 week mark). Average baby size at 32 weeks is just under 4 lbs. 
  • Total weight gain: Thanks to that awful stomach virus, I dropped 4 lbs since the last appt instead of gaining the expected 4 lb, so I'm at +24 lbs. Arabelle and I celebrated a good appointment with donuts and cupcakes. Haha!
  • Gender: BOY!
  • Movement: He seems to move all the time! Bo pulled up a chair the other day to sit and 'watch the baby move'. :)
  • Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well and enjoying the ability to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG without interruption. 
  • Cravings: Nothing really....trying to recover from that stomach virus still. I pretty much like everything except grilled meat/beef. 
  • Symptoms: I'm still not having ANY back pain or sciatica! I can't believe it! I'll start going to the chiropractor around 34 weeks anyway to make sure things stay aligned. Just feeling BIG and tired. My hemoglobin is actually a little low (they checked it at my appt. on Wed.), so I need to start some iron supplements. 
  • Best Moment of the Week: Bo has really been interested in seeing/feeling the baby move and talking to the baby. He's excited!
  • What's next: There's usually a 35 week appt, but Dr G will be out of town, so I get an extra week off. At the 36 week appt, he will do an u/s to measure our fella and then I'll start weekly appointments after that. 
Arabelle took my picture while we were playing outside the other day.....32 weeks! 

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