Sunday, August 21, 2016

Visit to Caleb and Jacob's House

Back at the first part of August, we made a trip up to see Jacob and Caleb for one last "hurrah!!!" before starting school. 

Of course, Mae got sick in the car on the way up, so that was interesting and exciting, but fortunately she perked up and was okay. We got there on a Tuesday afternoon and left Mae and Zeke the house with Mamaw while the big kids went to SkyZone, a trampoline park. It was a blast! 

Jumping into the foam blocks was their favorite!

We spent an hour jumping and were exhausted when it was time to go!

Sky Zone Videos:

The next morning we got up and went to LegoLand in Atlanta. Bo was especially excited!

Feeling better and ready to play!

Zeke was loving it because he doesn't get to play with Lego's at home.

LegoLand Videos:

We got back to the house mid afternoon. Mamaw took the biggest kids to a movie and we took the little ones to the park. The parks in Gwinnett County aren't like the ones here at home! ;)

The kids also enjoyed all the toys at their house! Here's a video of Mae's band

We drove home Wednesday morning and whew, it was a looooong drive! 

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