Friday, August 5, 2016

Mini Moments

We are still alive! I am trying to get caught up, so here is some of what we were doing in July.

Of course, we ate a lot of Papaw's watermelons! 

Bo spit his seeds off the porch and now we have 5 little plants growing right there.

Eating watermelon is a shirtless activity for the little ones.

Zeke had a nasty case of pink eye the same time Arabelle was fighting off swimmers ear, so we had several Dr. appointments and lots of eye and ear drops for a week or so there.

Mae's silly faces:

Playroom fun:

Wearing her baby doll:

Making a pizza:

On my birthday, I thought it would be fun to go to Sonic for a treat before taking Arabelle to swim practice.

Bo didn't find it very exciting though.

The girls enjoyed it though!

Zeke finally got a close hair cut at home:

Daddy's helpers at Lowe's:

Zeke now refuses to allow anyone to feed him yogurt. It's a messy snack for him!

He also can climb on the sofa now and will get one of the easy readers out of the school room and bring a book with him. :)

Bo can legitimately beat me at Connect 4 now.

Brushing those 3 teeth!

Zeke had his final follow up appointment with the orthopedist about his fracture. He is all healed up and released!

Big kids learned to do their own laundry this summer!!!!! Can you tell I'm thrilled! I just have to remind them to move it to the dryer and to get it out.

 Zeke is 14 months old now!

We celebrated Grandpa's 82nd birthday last weekend:

Bo is hooked on Hot Wheels lately. He's always got one or two in his pockets!

Mae and Bo are killing me in this picture! I wish they would always be this sweet together. Zeke was in his PJs for the ride home. :)

Real life: Arabelle hit her leg on the corner of the bench, but the picture went on....

Whew, we've been having a lot of fun! 

*I stayed up way to late doing this, so no proof reading this time. :p

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