Monday, August 22, 2016

Mini Moments

I'm going back to the beginning of August to catch y'all up on what we've been doing.

We changed the date of our trip to Lindsey's so Arabelle could go to her swim team party and receive a special award. Well, they changed the party date 45 minutes before it was supposed to begin due to rain. It was sad for both of us! I felt awful for Arabelle. Our sweet babysitter was already nearly at our house to keep the others, so we got out for ice cream and met her coaches to pick up her trophy. 

Arabelle received the "Coach's Award". She was thrilled!

After our trip, Bo needed a haircut. He wanted to be bald, but agreed to get it buzzed with a #1 guard on. He was looking at himself in the mirror and grinning like it was Christmas morning. Ha!

I went ahead and had Zeke's head buzzed to a #3 while we were there and I'll be able to take them together for haircuts.

Zeke looks SO much like Bo 2 cute boys!

I can't even remember how we managed some one-on-one time one day, but we did and it was fun. :)

Arabelle was so interested in the Olympics this year, especially swimming, gymnastics, and track & field.

We've been spending a lot of time outside when it's not too terribly hot. Zeke has been getting a lot of sink baths in the laundry room. ;)

Back to school! I have them doing writing and grammar together. It's Arabelle's favorite (um, not Bo's).

Jared had some dirt delivered to fill in some places and it was so fun to the kids! One day Zeke had 3 baths.

Mae fell on her face and didn't like it at all....

But Zeke kept putting his open mouth right to the dirt. Building some good antibodies, I guess!


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