Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bo's Kindergarten Graduation

Bo is a kindergarten graduate! I'm so proud of the progress he made this year. I should have taken some pictures of his writing from August and now, but who's got time for that? Ha!

He completed the All About Reading Pre-Reading curriculum and made it about 3/4 through the All About Reading Level 1 program. He also completed the Singapore Math Kindergarten books. Everything else was done together with, geography, history, etc. We had a great year!

Bo and his best buddy, Jotham.

I was taking Bo's picture and Mae hopped right up beside him for a few. :)

 The whole gang!

I'm so glad one of my friends snapped some pictures of Bo during the ceremony! Bo seemed a little nervous walking in. 

We had four kindergarten graduates this year....all boys!

Receiving his diploma from Daddy.

After the kindergarten ceremony, we had our Family Night Ceremony where each family introduces their children and the kids have the option to sing, play an instrument, recite a Bible verse, etc.

Thankfully, the kids had enough grandparents there to keep them happy through the ceremony. :)

Our family:

Arabelle and Bo learned the books of the Bible this year. Mae knows a lot of them, so she wanted to join in also. They all did such a great job! Here's the video of their performance.

 Bo was so excited to have so many family members there for his graduation. I didn't get ANY pictures except of him with Aunt Jane and Mrs. Tammie. I'm blaming "Mom brain".

We had supper afterwards and Mae certainly enjoyed the cake and sang nearly the entire meal.

The kids with our amazing babysitter, Lysa. She is a graduating this year, so we will be sad to see her go off to college in August, but I know great things lay ahead for her. :)

 Papaw and Mamaw took the littles out at some point during the program and snapped a few pictures.

Thanks again to all of you who were able to come support Bo as he graduated Kindergarten! 

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