Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mini Moments

We have been BUSY, so here I am catching up again.

The same day as the wagon picture above, Mae ran inside to use the bathroom and I later discovered this:

One evening while I was cooking supper, Arabelle and Bo came downstairs all dressed up and said they were getting married. Bo stood on a step-stool so he would be taller than Arabelle. Ha! 


Very rarely do they all wake up at the same time. Usually the first one up gets some cuddles, so I love it when they all 4 get up at the same time!

Zeke is getting so big! We had a little time with just him a couple of weeks ago and he was so sweet.

Arabelle has her swim stroke class on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons, so we usually play outside most of the time. Mae asked me to take a picture of her and Zeke and this is what happened:


Grandpa and Grandma came over for a visit and dinner recently. We all enjoy time with them so much!

I set Mae up with this little activity so the big kids and I could do some school, but they all wanted to do it. A few noodles, play-doh, and cherrios!

Poor Zeke....Mae was stealing all his raisins.

Such a happy boy!

Last week, we went to the Laura S Walker State Park in Waycross for a reptile class. The kids loved it! They fed little alligators and turtles, learned some cool things, and took a nature hike.

Banana head!

Arabelle and Bo never let a net bag go to waste...they love to try to go 'fishing' with them.

We've been having fun at softball. Arabelle's team is currently in first place!

Arabelle, Mae, and Zeke got haircuts on Friday. The appointment was at 12:30, so we had a picnic before.
One last picture of Zeke with his long hair:

Zeke had a sucker while he got his hair cut and he was fine. He looked up at the lady a few times and seemed confused, but just kept on with the sucker.

This was Mae's first haircut too! When we got there, she asked, "Am I going to cry?" Ha! She did really well and her hair is all one length and still curly. :)

It's official, four out of four kids love a puddle. Here's a video of him enjoying the puddle and mud.

We tried to let Mae skip her nap on Sunday and watch a show on the iPad on our bed. You can see how successful that was.

My big and little. Love them so much!

And that's just a bit of what we've been up to! 

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