Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mini Moments

Here's what we've been up to lately!

While Jared, Arabelle, and Bo were gone to Athens for the football game a few weeks ago, Mae did a little painting while Zeke napped that afternoon. As you can see, she had different ideas about her canvas.

You can tell she has an idea here....

The finished product! She took a bath next. ;)

Bo asked me one day when he was doing his math, "What is God's favorite number?"

Zeke has started eating some food! So far he's had bananas, sweet potatoes, roasted carrots and broccoli, and avocado. He has liked it all! I keep forgetting to put him in the high chair to eat though, so some days he just has milk like usual. Fourth kid problems, I guess. ha!

We went to Tifton last week for an oil change in the van and we HAD to check out a fun park there before coming home.

Zeke seemed to approve.

 Thanksgiving art:

The new house is coming along. The girls in their room:

And Bo in the boys room:

We went to Pineview Friday for our Thanksgiving celebration:

This is my favorite little face that Zeke makes. He does it a lot and I think it's so sweet!

Papaw and Mamaw with 10 grandkids! 

We aren't doing all the usual Christmas decorations because of the move after Christmas, but we've got a few strings of lights in the kids' room and the Nativity scene. They are loving it!

While the big kids were eating brownies this afternoon (made by Arabelle and Bo) and Zeke practiced a little with his sippy cup.

Mae was asleep when A & B baked the brownies and she was excited for a treat when she got up. :)

I'll leave you with a baby taking a bath in the sink, one of my favorite things!

1. Mae being Mae on the trampoline. I love alone time with her because her silly/funny side really comes out! 

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