Thursday, December 3, 2015

Lemon Santa

When I am doing one on one lessons with Arabelle, Bo takes his tablet and does some educational apps...either letter tracing, word games, math, or a Spanish learning app (Duolingo). I didn't realize he had been actually doing the Spanish app much. Yesterday he came out from doing his tablet time and asked me for a "lemon Santa". I obviously made a funny face and he said, "That means an apple". I laughed and kind of assumed he was being silly and making his own language to be funny. Arabelle even said, "Yeah, that's how you say apple".

A little while later he asked if he could do his Spanish some more and somehow it came out that he thought "lemon Santa" was "apple" in Spanish. He brought me his tablet and touched the apple picture and it said "la manzana", but he still believed it was saying "lemon Santa". I was laughing so hard. This has been my favorite homeschool moment to date. Ha!

I made a video of him saying it and it does *kind of* sound like "lemon Santa".

*Obviously I explained the correct pronunciation of the words, but he doesn't really hear the difference. I've taken the app off so he won't learn a bunch of totally wrong words. haha!

And he didn't want to make this video, but I promised him an extra piece of gum, so he cooperated. ;)

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