Friday, December 18, 2015

Mini Moments

We have finished school for 2015! We have been busy doing some fun Christmas activities and enjoying the warm weather outside. :)

Arabelle is really enjoying the Christmas/Winter themed art on the Youtube channel we use. 

Last week we celebrated Jared's birthday for lunch at Johnny's Pizza. We haven't taken them to a restaurant alone in a while and phew, it's not very relaxing. Ha!

Silly faces! They are getting pretty good at that.

Zeke is pulling up on everything now. I like to see his little face peeking over the top of the playpen when I go to get him.

Arabelle's Gingerbread woman didn't quite turn out as she planned. Ha!

Zeke is having fun with food these days. I just noticed Bo blowing up a balloon in the background. :)

Painting ornaments:

The kids like to save paper towel and toilet paper rolls for their spy games and Mae likes to join in. She kept saying, "I see you Mama!!!".

Zeke's first wagon ride! Mae was really excited for him. She kept saying, "You in the wagon Zeke-ee!"

This next series of pictures pretty much describes each kid. ha!

Mae painted a wooden stocking.

We made treats for the homeschool Christmas party last week. We just put hershey kisses on top of pretzels, put them in the oven for a few minutes to soften the chocolate, then smashed a Christmas M&M onto the top and put them in the fridge to harden. We liked them so much that we had to make more while Mae napped before the party. Oops!

I took this picture of Mae right after Mae gave a great example of what a 2 year old is like:
Mae: What you doin' Mama?
Me: Getting lunch together.
Mae: I don't like lunch!!!
She proceeded to eat 2 plates of food that day. Ha!

Mae at the homeschool Christmas party. The kids had a lot of fun! 

Mae plays hard and crashes hard.

Bo always has his Lego trucks close by. Even when he's sleeping.

 He has made some really neat creations lately. Maybe he'll be an architect or work for Lego!

Monday we sang at the nursing home with our homeschool group.

Bo's smile cracks me up here because he whined all weekend about not wanting to go sing, then he did great and had a good attitude while we were there. Proud of him.

Afterwards, I told the kids how well they sang and Mae said, "I didn't sing Mama!!!". Ha! She stood up there like a big girl though.

 Zeke also rides in the Cozy Coupe now too! It was fun until he started trying to stand up in it. ;)

Puddles and warm weather!

Tuesday I had the grand idea to take the kids to the bakery and to the park before Arabelle's piano lesson. That meant skipping Mae's nap (I should have known that wasn't a good idea). Well, first, someone backed into us in the parking lot. We had just parked and I was getting out. The kids flipped out, but luckily the van was fine. We got the cookies of our choice and went to the park! They were having a blast, then Mae pooped her pants. So, the fun idea turned into something I'll laugh about later, but was annoying at the time.

We have been doing our Advent devotionals with a countdown to Christmas and we are all excited to be a week away! 

Here's a couple of videos:

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