Monday, December 7, 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

The kids were excited to get our Christmas tree on Sunday. Since we are moving (hopefully!) soon after Christmas, I didn't want to get all our Christmas stuff out, so we got a small tree, a few lights out, and borrowed some ornaments from Leigh Leigh. :)

Jared had gone to the office that afternoon, so we met up after the little ones took a nap. Someone woke up a little grumpy.

I wanted to get this one and Arabelle figured it must be free since it didn't have a tag on it.

Zeke is getting  a little big for Arabelle!

These next few pictures show you Bo's personality really well. :)

Sometimes I can't believe we have FOUR kids!! The Christmas tree farm man asked Jared if the kids were all ours, then said he didn't know we had THAT many. Ha!

This "silly picture" cracked me UP when I uploaded it to the computer.

Zeke approved of our tree. 

Photo bomb by Arabelle and Zeke eating grass.....typical.

Arabelle really is a great big sister!


Their favorite part.....the candy cane!

Eight years of Christmas trees. It seems like SO long ago when it was just Arabelle and Bo! 

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