Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gone Hair, that is!

I've done it again....chopped off my hair! It had gotten LONG and with the heat and 3 kids, it was just annoying. I did this in August of 2011 and just had one trim since then.

I send the hair into Pantene Beautiful Lengths and this one is my 4th donation! I've read that it takes 4 donations to make one wig, so it's nice to think that my hair has made a full wig (and a beautiful one, obviously!).

 I won't look any different because I always wear it in a pony tail anyway. :-p

Jared actually cut the ponytail off for me the night before my hair appt.

And I got it straightened up and a few layers. So there it is!

It feels SO good!!! It's a little shorter than I prefer, but it'll grow. :)

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