Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mae is 4 months old!

These months are flying by and we're trying our best to enjoy Mae as a little tiny baby! She is now 4 months old!

  • Mae goes for her 4 mo. check up on Monday. I'm curious to see how much she weighs. Her little thighs are looking mighty plump!
  • She is still on a 3-3.5 hour schedule and sometimes will go 4 hours between feeds. We follow the eat, play, sleep routine and it's going well! 

  • She begins the day around 7-7:30 and takes 3-4 naps/day. If they are on the shorter side, she'll take the 4th nap. Bedtime is between 6:30-7:30, depending on if she takes a 4th nap. I try to get her to take a 4th nap everyday, but she sometimes just babbles happily in her crib for awhile before I get her up. 
  • Nap lengths still vary. She has been taking one good, solid nap (2 hours) each day, but tends to wake early (40 minutes) from the others. Sometimes I can get her to go back to sleep, sometimes not. She goes down on her own and usually doesn't cry at all. 
  • We've had some rough nights (waking 2-3 times) in the last month. I'm fairly certain it's been related to developmental things....she found her feet, then started sleeping much better!

  • She loves to sit up with help and play with her toys. 
  • She rolls from back to belly anytime she's put on the floor, but still sleeps on her back in the crib. She has woken up crying 2 times because she rolled on her belly, otherwise she stays on her back.

  • She has found her feet and LOVES to grab those sweet toes. She hasn't gotten them into her mouth just yet, but she's trying!

  • She's hit that distracted nursing stage, so at home, I usually lay on the bed and feed her. She's less likely to try to wiggle and squirm around to see what Arabelle or Bo is up to. And I get to rest for a few minutes. ;)
  • She is still swaddled with the right arm in. When she wakes in the mornings, it's usually out. 

  • She's in a size 2 diaper and 6 mo. clothes.
  • She loves standing up and we got the exersaucer out a few days ago, which she really likes. 

  • She still loves to be outside, drools a ton, and loves to laugh at Arabelle and Bo!

I can't believe she's already 4 mo. old! I'm also thinking back to how I felt last year at this time (SICK!!!) and so thankful that part is over and the fun part is really here! :)

*Bo was 4 months old when I first started's his 4 mo. post.

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