Monday, September 30, 2013

Homeschooling Update: September 2013

September was our first full month of homeschooling, but we did take a week off for the beach trip. :)

Here's a summary of what we did in September:

The first week of September was our 5th week of school. Apparently I am hit or miss with picture taking and I didn't take many pictures. Oops!
  • We continued on with the phonics lessons and worked on letters "F" and "T". 
"F" is for fan
  • She loves to play a matching game with her new words and making up a sentence with them.
  • Arabelle worked on the number 5 this week. She is getting really quick with her math flash cards, which she names the number before, between, and after (ex. __ 6; 5__7; 4__).
  • In this week, she and Bo learned the first part of one of their catechisms.
    • Who is God? God is the maker of everything. There is only one true God. God is one, yet he is three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit--the Trinity
  • We continued on in their bible story book, the Golden Children's Bible
    • They both finger painted fruit trees and the serpent, which I didn't take a picture of...sorry!
  • For science this week, we mixed the primary colors to make new ones and made a color wheel. Clearly, this was one of Arabelle's favorite activities!
The second week of September, we were at the beach, so the 3rd week was our 6th week of school.
  • She studied the letter "H" this week in phonics. Her Nature Reader book was about hippos and I even learned some neat things about them!
  • This week I dictated some simple sentences for her to write and she did pretty good!
  • They finished learning the "Who is God?" catechism
  • This week, we read Follow the Dream, a book about Christopher Columbus. We also looked on our big map and talked about his route and the 7 continents. We colored the continents on a map and traced Christopher Columbus' route to America.
    • They drew pictures of "If I were an explorer"
    • Arabelle drew her and Breana exploring for treasure. Fortunately, they find 2 treasure chests!

    • Bo drew and airplane on the right there and some truffala trees (from The Lorax) on the left and him and Braden on the bottom. He wanted me to draw a tow truck too (clearly, I am not an artist!).

  • We also went "exploring" on a walk one day and took empty toilet paper tubes so they could spot something new to check out. :)
  • We read the poem In 1492 and Arabelle glued a construction paper ship one day. 
The last full week of September was our 7th week of school.
  • She studied the letter "C" and "P" this week and continued learning new words.
    • In one of her workbooks, she draws a picture of something that begins with the letter she is studying. She drew Papaw for the letter P. She also wrote "Papaw" there across the top. Her handwriting is improving!
  • She and Bo learned Proverbs 3:5-6 this week. 
  • We talked about the months of the year and the seasons. She drew some pumpkins and 'decorated' them with some weeds from outside. This was totally her idea...can you tell how proud she is!?
  • For science, we collected some leaves and made leaf rubbings by placing them under a sheet of paper and rubbing the side of a crayon over it. 
We usually go to the library once a week and get books. Arabelle picks out some she likes and I choose some easy readers. I also look for books related to the topics we're discussing. Thank goodness for the internet!!

I am always trying to come up with fun games for her to review her phonics words. She loves memory games, so we do that a lot. I also have put out pillows as 'lily pads' with words on the paper in front of them and she 'hops' to the correct lily pad when I say the word. 

That's our summary for September! Looking forward to more fun in October! 

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