Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mexico Beach

We had a great time at Mexico Beach, FL last week! We went down on Sunday and came back Wednesday night. Arabelle stayed at the beach house with Mamaw and Papaw for the full week.

Arabelle and Bo spent the last Saturday night at Sambo and Leigh Leigh's house, since Jared was gone to Athens for the ball game and I was TIRED and needed to pack up. Arabelle woke up Sunday morning and got sick. Poor girl was SO sad about it and was afraid we wouldn't get to go.

She got home Sunday morning, got sick again, rested some, then was totally fine by 10:30! It seems like maybe her stomach was just off and not a real virus, thankfully!

Poor Mae hates the car, so it was a LONG drive there and back, but we survived. No more long trips planned for awhile though!

This was pretty much my view for the drive, except for 3 short naps (15-20 minutes each). :(

Bo didn't mind the noise too much though because he was asleep before we got to Tifton. 

We got there Sunday afternoon and wasted no time at getting down to the beach!

Mae was soooo tired from all the crying and cat napping that she took a long nap in the baby carrier.

When I saw Daddy in these sunglasses, I asked him if he was wearing women's sunglasses. He said that he did't know, he just got the cheapest ones at the store. Come to find out, he was wearing Mama's sunglasses and she was wearing his "cheapest at the store" glasses. Haha!

Collecting shells:

Mae's first beach trip!

Lindsey, Brian, Caleb, and Jacob arrived Sunday evening. Here's Jacob enjoying the beach!

Arabelle was so proud that Mae was wearing her bathing suit from when she was a baby. :)

I don't know what's going on here, but it makes me laugh!

I can't believe this girl will be 5 on Friday!!

Lindsey and Caleb:

Sisters :)

Arabelle helped bury Caleb this time.

Mama found this 'boat' at Walmart and it was the most fun thing! We all loved it!

Sack time!

Buried Bo:

Ready to go 'surfing'

On Facebook, I always see pictures of my friends' babies sleeping on the beach and I could never get Arabelle and Bo to do it, but I figured I had a chance with my 'easy' baby Mae and it worked!! She napped for nearly an hour on the beach! How sweet is this??

 We went out Tuesday morning for some family pictures. Mae and I were the only ones who were happy to do it. ;)

And everyone was happy when it was done!

Jared and I had a date night Tuesday night after Mae went to bed. I had some yummy crab legs and Jared taught me how to get the crab meat out in one big chunk.

Arabelle just got back this afternoon and wasn't too happy to be leaving the beach. She already says that she's going to live at the beach when she grows up. This week, she said that Mamaw can cook for her and Papaw can do her yard work. haha! 

Thanks for a great time at the beach Papaw and Mamaw! 

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