Friday, September 27, 2013

Growing up

Arabelle and Bo are growing up so fast and learning new things....Bo has learned to pump his legs and keep the swing going all by himself! That is a BIG milestone to this swing pushing Mama! 

It finally rained some recently and was wet enough to the frogs to come back to their usual spot. Arabelle and Bo were making a mud home in the wheel barrow for their new friend.

*No frogs were harmed in this activity....they set him free and he hopped off as fast as he could. ha!

Today was hat day at school. Bo was EXCITED, can you tell?

Arabelle loves to help around the house and wanted to wash the dishes for me this morning. It's getting to the point that her 'help' is actually helpful. She did a great job!

We are enjoying this fall weather! 

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