Sunday, September 22, 2013

Arabelle's 5th Birthday

Arabelle turned 5 years old on Friday, Sept. 20th. Since we had Bo and Arabelle's birthday party together back in August, we still wanted to do something special on her day.

Here she is the evening before she turned 5. I told her we could just skip her birthday and let her stay 4 another year, but she said "No, you can't stop me!".

Birthday morning! 

Soooo excited for The Princess and the Frog, featuring her favorite princess, Tiana!

Birthday pancakes with chocolate chips and sprinkles!

And singing Happy Birthday

We did a little bit of school work Friday morning, then went to town to run a few errands and picked up her best friend, Breana from school. Arabelle was SO excited! She also requested Ranchero's for lunch, so we picked that up.

They "rested" and watched Arabelle's new movie, then a few more friends came over around 3:00. Arabelle had asked for chocolate cupcakes with pink icing, so I had ordered those from the bakery and they were delish! 

The kids played all afternoon and had so much fun! Papaw and Mamaw came over for supper and Jared grilled steaks. She wanted "Papaw's peas", okra for Bo, steak, and Mamaw's cake for supper, so that's what we had! 

Candles and "Happy Birthday" again!

After playing outside and getting a shower......

Bo was instructed to put on some PJs and he came out in one of Arabelle's gowns. He will say, "I look like a girl!", but still wants to wear the gown because it's "Beautiful and cozy!". Silly boy.

We are so proud of our sweet 5 year old Arabelle and I'm saying it again....I can't believe how fast she's growing up! 

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