Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Treat

One thing I love about summer is SnoBiz!  With all the kids in tow, it's quite the task to get there, have the treat, and get home, so we haven't been since Mae was born. Arabelle and Bo have been asking, so after I picked them up from camp on Thursday of last week, we went!

We planned to go get school supplies for Bo, but they were very surprised when I took the turn towards SnoBiz!

They have a chair under a tree, so it was a perfect place to enjoy a cool summer treat. :)

Mae was happy to be along and Arabelle was sure to tell her that she can have her own SnoBiz next year.

Girls' picture.....caught Mae mid-spit up.

And an attempted picture of all of us. haha!

Came home after getting Bo's school supplies and played in the backyard to finish the fun afternoon.

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