Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mae is 3 months old!

I can't believe Mae is already 3 months old!!

  • I'm not sure how much she weighs.....upper 13 to 14 pounds I'm sure. 
  • She continues to do well on the eat, play, sleep routine and following Babywise. She began sleeping through the night just after she was 2 months old! She goes to bed around 7-7:30 and will sleep until 5 if I leave her. We both have trouble going back to sleep after a feeding at 5 am, so for now, I set an alarm for myself and go feed her around 3 am. She nurses and doesn't really wake up and I am back in the bed by 3:20. Works out great for both of us and I'm so pleased she is sleeping so well at night! 
  • I tried a 'dream feed' at 10pm a few nights, thinking she would be able to go from then until 7am, but she still woke in the early morning. 
  • She nurses every 3-3.5 hours during the day and is done in about 5-10 minutes. 
  • Mae naps 4 times/day and goes to bed easily at 7-7:30 and usually doesn't make a peep until I wake her up in the morning!
  • She only cries a minute or so before going to sleep for naps. She still has trouble sleeping through for naps. I often have to go in and help her settle after 40 minutes to finish her nap. She will take a pacifier some now at those times. 
  • She is swaddled with one arm out for now. She sucks her left thumb to go to sleep. It looks so sweet! She can't get her right thumb in just yet.

  • Mae is in size 2 disposable diapers during the day and a size 3 at night (leaks through the 2s) and 6 mo. clothes. I still have her in the newborn size cloth diapers and inserts, but will be adjusting them soon!
  • She holds her upper body up really well and has sat in her bumbo seat a couple of times while we did reading time. 

  • She has rolled over both ways a few times, more often from belly to back.
  • She really enjoys tummy time, for short amounts of time (10ish minutes) and enjoys laying on her play mat. She has started reaching for her toys in the last several days! 

  • She also LOVES to be outside!

  • Mae drools a ton, especially when she is sleepy, so she wears a bib most of the time. She has started grabbing it recently and turning it backwards.  
  • She loves to smile and coo, especially when you sing to her and when Arabelle and Bo talk to her.

  • Mae LOVES bath time and really gets her legs kicking!

Mae in action in the bathtub. Arabelle loves to help bathe her. :)

Just hanging out one afternoon:

Mae at 1 mo., 2 mo., and 3 mo.:

I still can't get over how fast a baby grows and changes from month to month! I'm also super proud of how well Mae sleeps, even the improvements she's made since her 2 month post!

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