Friday, August 2, 2013

I said I'd never do it.....

Monday, I will be starting something I said I'd never do. Homeschooling!

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In the last several years, I've seen and read more and more about homeschooling, which was always interesting to me, but wasn't something I wanted to do. Home all day, every day with no break from the kids? Teaching them to read, write, etc? No thanks!

Then slowly, as I read and learned more about it and as the time came to send Arabelle to school 5 days a week, my heart started to change towards it and I became open to the possibility of keeping Arabelle at home this school year.

Since Arabelle's birthday falls right after the cut off of Sept. 1st, she should be in pre-K this year. We feel like she's ready for a bit more than pre-K, but maybe not Kindergarten in a classroom setting. Arabelle is smart, but she is also very shy and gets frustrated easily.

After A LOT of prayer and consideration, Arabelle will be staying home this year and doing the Memoria Press Kindergarten Curriculum. We are going to go SLOW and make it as fun as possible!

I went back and forth on it for months, despite feeling like homeschooling was what the Lord wanted me to do early on. When the time came for school registration, we made the final decision. I know it's going to be hard, the house will probably always be a wreck, and I may not brush my hair most days, but I am really looking forward to spending this next year with Arabelle at home. She will probably teach me more valuable lessons than I teach her. :)

Bo will still be at First Academy on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and joining us for lessons on Tuesday and Thursdays.

So, if you get a second Monday morning (and every morning after that!) say a prayer for us!


  1. You're homeschooling?!!!!!!! yay! I'm just starting this year too! Man, I wish we lived closer! Good luck mama! I know you'll do just great though! :) I definitely want to hear how it goes for you. I'll say a prayer for you. ;)

    1. You are too! So fun! I wish we lived closer too....we have so much in common. :)

      Thanks for the prayers and praying that your school year goes well too.

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