Friday, August 16, 2013

Homeschooling: Week 2

I'm not sure if I'll summarize each week or not, but for now, here's week 2!

This was another 'easy' week with a lot of review of things Arabelle already knew. The phonics portion was the letter "A" and blending it with the "m" from last week. We talked about vowels and played some word games with the short 'a' sound. Here's one of her workbook sheets.

The book of the week was How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Both Arabelle and Bo enjoyed this one and it includes a recipe for an apple pie at the end. We will be making an apple pie tomorrow!

I usually try to find some letter activities to do in the afternoons and we will review what we've been talking about while they do the activity. She doesn't realize that it's "school" if she's busy on a craft. This week, they cut and glued yarn onto the "A" and also did a collage with construction paper and glitter on the "A".

The art for the week was Still Life with Apples by Van Gogh. Arabelle really liked this piece and wanted to paint her own version of it.

"Flag" was one of the words we talked about with the short 'a' sound. Our music for the week was "The Star Spangled Banner" and our poetry for the week was the Pledge of Allegiance. She already knew most of the pledge, so we finished learning that and listened to "The Star Spangled Banner" several times and talked about how and when Francis Scott Key wrote the words.

Our number this week was "1" and included talking about the prefix "uni".

Her favorite part of the week was our science portion! We observed and categorized different types of apples and discussed the 5 senses.

Tasting the apples!

We had a Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Jazz, and Fuji apple. We made a chart and discussed the size, shape, color, smell, and taste of each apple. She decided she liked the "Jazz" apple best. She keeps calling it the "Jasmine" apple though. :)

It was a fun week!

Next week it begins to get a bit more in-depth, but we'll be taking it slow since it's Bo's birthday week and we'll have our first field trip!

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