Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bo's Big Day

August 20th is a big day around here....Bo's birthday! I can't believe he is three years old!

Monday, he had his birthday party at school. Think he was excited??

Arabelle wore her Batman shirt to match Bo. :)

Just pickin' some boogers during story time.

Saying the blessing:

Cupcake time!!!

His last time going to bed as a 2 year old! These PJs are way too small (size 24 months!), but Bo says they still fit and when they get too small, Mae can wear them. 

Jared made Bo some yummy chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast! 

When Arabelle woke up, he opened his birthday present! 

 I wish we would have made a video of it because he was SO happy! He got a little set of construction equipment. I'm not sure he has put the backhoe down since he got it. :)

We played and played all day (and sang Happy Birthday a thousand times!), then Jared brought home pizza for supper. Bo asked for pizza and fried okra, so that's what he had! Mamaw and Papaw came for supper and to celebrate Bo too!

Decorating his cupcake:

 Arabelle was happy to celebrate too!

For some reason, he only wanted 2 candles this time.

I did a little interview and asked Bo about some of his favorite things at 3 years old:

It was a fun day to celebrate our sweet and energetic Bo! 

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