Friday, December 30, 2011

Review of 2011

2011 seemed to fly by to me! We had another great year filled with lots of family fun, laughter, playing, picnicing, swimming, celebrating, giggling, splashing, hugging, eating, running, chasing, whining (mostly the kids, but I'm sure I whined some too), cuddling, sharing, baking, crying, learning, sliding, swinging, driving, riding, painting, coloring, crafting, growing, and loving.

January: Apparently we PLAYED a lot in January! Arabelle and Bo both look SO little here to me. Amazing how much they grow and change in a year. Jared went on a duck hunting trip to Mississippi in January and we spent that time in Pineview. We visited Mama Love in Albany and went to the aquarium. Also, Jill and I hosted a baby shower for Lindsey and Caleb! (click on the collage to see it larger)

February: Another fun month! Arabelle had a Valentine's Day party at school and baby Caleb was born. Bo turned 6 mo. old, started eating solid food and started sitting alone this month. 

March: We went to Lawrenceville the beginning of the month to meet Caleb! Arabelle spent a weekend at Mamaw and Papaw's house, Bo cut his first teeth and started crawling backwards! The weather started warming up the end of the month and we started playing outside a lot.

April: What a busy, fun month! We celebrated Isaiah's 1st birthday, went to several Easter Egg hunts, celebrated Easter at our church, Bo had his first buzz cut, started pulling up and cruising, we went to the beach with the Roberts on Spring Break (where Arabelle had her FIRST ice cream cone!), to Athens with Jared for the UGA Spring Football game, and played outside A LOT!

May: We really started enjoying the spring weather in May! Lots of pool time, playing, blueberries, Mother's Day, Bo's baby dedication, Bloodworth Family Reunion, and Arabelle's "school" graduation. Fun times!

June: I think this was our busiest, most fun month! I took a lot more pictures this month. :) Let's see, a trip to Athens for Jared to do some legal education, Bo started taking his first steps, a trip to Newnan to visit Papa and Grandma LaVell, over to Marietta for Matison's graduation party, to Macon for Steven's birthday, to Pineview for Father's Day, lots of swimming and splashing, Father's day at home with Jared, a trip to Wild Adventures, and Vacation Bible School. So much fun!

July: July brought even more summer fun! Watermelons, more blueberries, figs, playdates, pools, and more! We went to Pineview on the 4th, our family beach trip to Fernandina, and celebrating July birthdays with the Bloodworths. Bo really started walking all over.

August: August was action packed as well! Arabelle started gymnastics, school started back, Bo turned one year old, we had Arabelle and Bo's combined birthday party the end of the month, made a trip to Albany to visit Moma Love, and had the kids' pictures made, 

September: Arabelle turned 3 years old in September! We went to Pineview for one more dip in the pool, Arabelle learned to swim this summer, Jared went hunting in Colorado and we survived a week home alone, Arabelle had a party at school, and we had a fun day at home for her birthday.

October: We had lots of fun celebrating Fall in October. We carved pumpkins, went to the pumpkin patch with Arabelle's class, celebrated Mamaw's birthday, went to the church Fall festival, and went to Mamaw & Papaw's church's Fall Festival. Jared had his back surgery the end of the month (yay!). 

November: We had lots of fun in the leaves in the backyard, celebrated an early Thanksgiving with the Bloodworths, went to Albany on Thanksgiving, Jared and I went to the UGA/GT football game, and we got our Christmas tree the end of the month.

December: An action packed month! Arabelle had a party at school, singing at a nursing home, Nativity play, and trips to the park! We decorated for Christmas, made Christmas crafts, baked cookies, went to the library for story times, and celebrated Jesus' birthday with all our family!

I look forward to another great year in 2012! 

*You can see our 2010 review here.


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  1. How cute! I know you spent a lot of time putting this together this little walk down memory lane! It really shows you how quickly these sweet kids grow in a year!