Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Decor!

I wanted to share our little bit of Christmas decorations! Also, Aunt Kay made Arabelle another super cute jumper! This one says "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" around the Santa. I'm not sure if Aunt Kay knew or not, but blue is Arabelle's favorite color, so when she saw the dress, she said "Oh, it's beautiful!". She wore it to church on Sunday. She also made Bo an outfit. He missed church Sunday since he was sick, but he'll be sporting it tomorrow at Arabelle's Nativity program!

Arabelle said we needed lights outside, so I got these for her. She said that she liked it, but we needed more lights. :) Maybe we'll get more next year. It looks really pretty at night!

Here's our tree and mantle! I really love my new wreath above the fire place.

You can also see the gingerbread house on the coffee table that Arabelle made at the library yesterday.

Close-up of the mantle. I put a picture from last year of the kids in the frame. I did NOT get a pic of them together this year, but made a pretty cute card anyway.

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  1. The front of your house is so cute! I want a porch like that one day!