Friday, December 9, 2011

Morning at the Park

Yesterday was Jared's birthday! We went to the park before meeting him for lunch at our usual spot....Danny's! Arabelle and I made a chocolate delight Wednesday and we've all been enjoying that. :) She really liked 'helping'....she ate pecans when we were making the crust, licked the bowl from the cream cheese/cool whip layer, and ate mini-chocolate chips that we sprinkled on top. No wonder she was such a big help!

Arabelle always wants to take Bo down the slide with her. When I am sitting him in her lap, he is constantly shaking his head 'no'. ha! This is the end result. No one has gotten hurt, Bo just doesn't like it!

The "After" shot

Arabelle is looking so grown up

He was growling like a lion
And here's another lion!

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