Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree on Wednesday! Arabelle was so excited to go! This year, it was actually cold when we went. Every year since Arabelle has been born, it's been warm on our trip to the tree farm.

So excited!

Not sure what this is all about

Here's the ONE Christmas card worthy pic I got all day. 

Bo found something to play with

Daddy brought Christmas cookies from the bakery!

It took 2 days for us to get it decorated, but it turned out nice, I thought! Last year there was the year of the Great Christmas Tree Debacle where we bought a nice tall tree, but after Jared's "adjustments" we ended up with a short tree. Thankfully I can just laugh about it now!

So glad there is such thing as "shatterproof" ornaments!

All finished, except the tree topper. Thought I should wait until Jared could help me reach the top...

This cute boy had his 15 mo. check-up yesterday too. :)

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